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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! I am finally coming out of hibernation and break mode! My big girls went back to school yesterday with only a few short weeks until Christmas break! I was in online shopping mode yesterday and scored some deals on Amazon! I got a good chunk of my list done! So now that the mayhem has subsided a bit, here is a little update on our Thanksgiving!
I woke up early and made a Cherry Pie
Then Hallie and I curled up and watched the parade! I promise she enjoyed it, she was even kicking and twirling while the Rockettes were dancing, but when it's morning nap time, it's morning nap time! 2 seconds after this photo was taken, Hallie fell asleep!

After the parade, we got cleaned up and went to my parent's house! They were kind enough to invite my mother, father and cousin in law, so Hallie was lucky to have all 4 of her grandparents and her Big cousin Luke there! 
She cleans up nice...That face!

Hallie enjoyed playing in the backyard while waiting on dinner

My Mom and Auntie Jane
Oven Baked Bird
My Dad's Smoked Turkey
The Ham from Christopher's Parents
Luke spilled water, but this photo op was too cute to pass up!
Still waiting on food! Hallie's Pop had just arrived and she came running into his arms! 
Another cousin photo
Hallie and her Nana After we ate...the turkey must have caught up with Hallie...
She was out cold!

It was a really lovely day! Looking forward to Christmas! How did you spend your Thanksgiving?


  1. That smoked turkey looks delicious and Hallie's dress is beyond stinking adorable!!!!!!

  2. Hal's dress!!!!! All the heart eyes!! Yay for knocking out so much of your Christmas list! I haven't even started yet!!

  3. That pie looks delicious and I adore Hallie's dress! Looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

  4. I love that dress! Aria had this Thanksgiving pant suit her great grandma got her for her first Thanksgiving. Although I think she wore it on Canadian Thanksgiving instead of American. It was so cute though. I wonder what I did with it lol. I am a huge purger of the clothing but I save my very faves in the off chance we have another or for when a friend has a girl baby (so far all boys). She sleeps on people though? That is impressive haha. Aria never was down for that past newborn stage.

  5. That turkey dress is the cutest thing ever!! That bird looks delicious, but what I am most loving is the cherry pie! You'll have to share the recipe one day.


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