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Monday, November 23, 2015

Hallie's Christmas List

Happy Monday! Thanksgiving is this week!? Can you believe it?!!! We have a lot of fun things planned this week! Our decorations go up tonight and Jovie the elf made her appearance yesterday! I am one of those people that tries to make the holidays last as long as possible! With the Elf watching Hallie already, I thought I would share Hallie's Christmas list in hopes that Jovie is kind enough to report back to Santa!

1, Kidkraft Wooden Kitchen 2.Pottery Barn Dollhouse-Similar Here 3. Melissa and Doug Wooden Food 4. Dollhouse Dolls 5. Ikea Table and Chairs 6. Little People Nativity 7. Books  8. Clothes and PJs 

1. I can't wait to see Hal's face when she gets this kitchen! She might not open anything else!!!
2. This dollhouse is a retired Pottery Barn one that I found for $20 at a garage sale, and My mom, my mother in law and I have some BIG special restorations plans for it!
5. Christopher and I decided that a craft corner was in order for Hallie since her new favorite thing to do is color! It will also be a nice place for her to eat snacks and do other crafts and learning activities!
7. For more book and other ideas we have a WHOLE amazon wish list dedicated to Miss Hallie that you can check out here!
8. Clothes and PJs we are buying in Size 9 month or 12 month depending on the store and style of clothing! Kid has long legs and needs some length but a teeny tiny waist!

What is on your kids Christmas list? Do you have an elf reporting to Santa!? I want to here!
<3 Kelly


  1. The kitchen and doll house are two toys that she will play with for YEARS to come. Great list!

  2. We love that Nativity set! I pack it away each season with our Christmas stuff so it is special and 'new' each year! The dollhouse & kitchen will definitely be a big hit for sure!!

  3. Oh she will love the kitchen! And then you will find 400 kitchen things that you just NEED for it. Some of them are oh so cute. Check out Hape stuff. Love it. Aria asked for a dollhouse this year but she's getting a little people castle from her grandma so hopefully that counts. I wish we had room for the ikea table though. I'd love one for snacks and crafts!


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