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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hallieisms Take 3

Good morning and Happy Thursday! With all the fun I had sharing Hallie's new Cheesy Face Smile with you, I got to thinking about all the other funny things she has been saying and doing lately! 

I can't get over how fast she is growing and how quickly she is learning! It's just insane and unfair how it all flies! 
  • I am starting to lose count on all the words and phrases she knows, but here are some that she has added to her repertoire: No (the dreaded "No" has finally arrived and it is usually the answer to any question you ask her!) Uh-oh, It's alright, Paci, There it is, 'scus me (generally said to Stella), Woopsadaisy, Wee, Wow, Minnie (which also happens to be her word for Mickey), Not right now, Keys, Cheese (While she pretends to take pictures of you with her "phone" aka the TV remote, Girl also finally said her Memi's name! She now has all 4 Grandparents down!

  • On Halloween, she was scared of my nephew's Halloween mask, and Christopher was trying to get her to not be scared, showing her that it was just a mask and not scary.  He asked her if she wanted to touch it and see for herself and she backed away screaming "Not Right Now!"
  • She not only knows how to say "Keys" but she LOVES keys...anyone's keys! They keep her occupied for long stretches and she cries when you take them away to drive the car! 10 points to the person who gets her her own keys for Christmas..she is SO OVER her baby keys!
  • She still LOVES animals and knows a lot of animal sounds: Elephant, Kitty, Puppy, Duck, Owl, Lion, Monkey, Snake, Horse, Sheep, and Goat! She also will growl like a Monster if she doesn't know the sound an animal makes! Hedgehog "Ahhh", Peacock "Ahhh!" Its pretty funny! She recently learned that Santa says Ho Ho Ho...at first it was just one Ho, but thankfully now she says all 3! Also She is OBSESSED with that screaming Goat video! She literally asks to watch it at least 10 times a day! She and Daddy find it hilarious!
  • Also if the video goes off, she will nod her head yes and do the more sign! Same goes for anything she wants more of!
  • She loves her belly button...and everyone elses! She will actually lift up your shirt to find it!
  • Sometimes she will pretend she is a puppy and crawl around on the floor panting...it's actually pretty cute! 
  • She learned how to walk backwards and will do it with her head up in the air with that same cheesy smile! So funny!
  • She asks you to sing her 3 favorite songs by doing little actions.  If she wants Pat-a-cake she will do the nodding yes while clapping her hands together.  For Twinkle Twinkle she will put her fingers in the air like stars. And sometimes if she wants to hear "If all the raindrops" she will scream "ah ah ah ah!"
  • Books can become hats...actually anything can become a hat! She will put things on her head and say "Hat Hat" then laugh hysterically! 

  • She likes to pretend to fly...she puts her hands behind her back and runs really fast saying "Vrrrrrrr"
  • Bubbles are her new favorite thing! She will point to the bubbles and exclaim "Bubble, Bubble" Until we give in! It's also the cutest thing she says!

I wish time would slow down! It's hard to believe she will be 17 months in a few short days! 
To see all the other cute things Hallie does Check back on Hallieisms take 1 and take 2 
<3 Kelly


  1. ugh that is such a fun age. I really miss 1 to 2 Aria. She was so much less dramatic lol. And she slept through the damn night back then. All these things are so cute!

  2. Hallie is at my favorite age ever! She is just so cute Kelly!


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