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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Currently November

Good morning friends! The Mock house just can't catch a break! Christopher and I celebrated our anniversary with me finding out I had Strep Throat...fun stuff! We were able to sneak away for a little Cheesecake Date though, thanks Mom!
Anyway I am on antibiotics and on the mend and here's what else we are up to:

I am ALMOST done with the new Shopaholic book: Shopaholic to the Rescue. I have to say I have been a bit disappointed though...definitely not my fave...


Dancing with the stars, Big Bang Theory, and Christopher and I JUST started How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix! LOVING IT!

Listening to:
Christmas carols...Yep I am one of those people! Fa La La La La! 

Working on

Making my lists, checking them twice! I have to say I feel pretty in control of this years Christmas shopping! Hallie's is almost done! 

Looking Forward to:  

Seeing all of our family and friends over Thanksgiving and Christmas! Here are a few photos of Hal last year during the holidays! She is so big now!

Loving: For Mommy: I have yet to get myself new boots and I keep falling in love with new ones! I really just need to bite the bullet and get some! 
Right now these Uggs look pretty cozy!

For Hallie: 
Looking at all the cute Christmas outfits and I FINALLY bought Hal's Christmas dress

Hope everyone is having a great week! 
<3 Kelly


  1. How to Get Away With Murder just keeps getting better and better... Love it! And Go Bindi and Derek!!! hehe!

  2. yay for being on top of Christmas! Never too soon after Halloween to listen to carols though, or year round. I'm okay with it any way you slice it!

  3. I am listening to the Christmas music too. Glad I'm not the only on. I really need to start my shopping. Happy Monday!

  4. That dress is going to be so cute on Hallie! I managed to catch a few Big Bang episodes recently and I need to catch up because I CAN'T BELIEVE PENNY CUT HER HAIR!! I was so thrown off!! Seriously so confused!


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