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Friday, November 6, 2015

5 photos on Friday

Hi there friends and Happy Friday! Today I am sharing my 5 favorite phone photos from the week!
 Hallie is VERY into coloring right now! We are talking about getting her her very own art corner with a table and chairs where she can color and do her crafts! Also can someone please tell me where my baby went!?
 This is my relaxed girl! We must have been watching Charlie and Lola!
 Cookie face! This was after my Dad gave her a chocolate chip cookie! Fun fact, whenever Hallie gets a cookie or a treat she shovels it in her mouth without taking a break until it is gone! This is the result!
 Somebody crashed a Mommy and Daddy coffee date this week! Did you know that if you ask for a "pupuccino" that Starbucks will give you a little cup of whipped cream! It's meant for dogs of course, but babies enjoy it too! Check out that face!

Hope everyone has had a fantastic week and that an even better weekend is ahead of you!
<3 Kelly


  1. She's a doll :) My gal loves coloring too and I'd love to set her up her own art space. Her problem is she likes to color things she isn't supposed to like my WALL!!!

  2. I do the same thing with cookies ;). Love the cookie face.

  3. Between the chocolate chip cookie and the whipped cream, Hallie is having a SWEET week!!! I read coloring books for adults are coming back, too... so it looks like you two can have another bonding activity! ;) -sara


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