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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Friendsgiving!

One of my absolute favorite things about Thanksgiving, is a tradition my sister and I started several years back.  The night before Thanksgiving, we hold a Friendsgiving Marathon! It started as just the 2 of us and has grown through the years to include our cousins, friends, my husband and Hallie...she comes for the food! :)

So here is your guide to hosting your own Friendsgiving! 

1. Order a ton of food! This year we are going with Chinese! 

2. Gather Seasons 1 and 3-10 of Friends! (I KNOW! No season 2 episode!) 

3. Enjoy!

Season 1: TOW Underdog Gets away! 
 "I'm very Thankful that all your Thanksgivings sucked"- Chandler 
Season 3: TOW The Football
  "I went really long" -Rachel 
Season 4: (And my personal fave): TOW Chandler in a Box
  "Fine but, Married a lesbian, left a guy at the alter, fell in love with a gay ice dancer, threw a girl's wooden leg on the fire, live in a box!" - Monica
Season 5: TOW All the Thanksgiving Flashbacks
   " Sir limps a lot, I came up with that!" -Ross
Season 6: TOW Ross got High
   "What's not to like? Custard, good! Jam, Good! Meat, Gooood!" -Joey
Season 7: TOW Chandler Doesn't like Dogs
   "Well I started naming states, but then I got tired of it so I started naming different types of celery. So far I've only got one, regular celery" - Phoebe 
Season 8: TOW the Rumor
  "Dear Rachel, you're a very nice person. Sorry about your teeny weeny!"- Rachel
Season 9: TOW Rachel's Other Sister
  " Who has to die for me to get her" - Joey
Season 10: TOW The Late Thanksgiving
  "The Floating heads do make a good point" -Chandler
Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?
<3 Kelly

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Freshly Picked Black Tuesday

Guess what!? I have some great news for you today friends!  Today is a really special day! Freshly Picked is having a HUGE Black Tuesday Sale, and you are invited!

The sale begins at 10am and Freshly Picked is offering 25% off select styles with even BIGGER discounts on apparel! Set your alarms now and make sure not to miss it!! 

To follow along with Freshly Picked on social media, you can check out their Facebook page here, Twitter here, Pinterest Here, and Instagram Here. You can follow the hashtag #fpblacktuesday for more sale details and fun! 
Friends if you have contemplated making a purchase, now is the time! Head on over to Freshly Picked now to get your carts ready for the sale! 

Also don't forget to report back what you snagged! I love seeing babes in mocc feet!
Happy Shopping!!
<3 Kelly

Monday, November 23, 2015

Hallie's Christmas List

Happy Monday! Thanksgiving is this week!? Can you believe it?!!! We have a lot of fun things planned this week! Our decorations go up tonight and Jovie the elf made her appearance yesterday! I am one of those people that tries to make the holidays last as long as possible! With the Elf watching Hallie already, I thought I would share Hallie's Christmas list in hopes that Jovie is kind enough to report back to Santa!

1, Kidkraft Wooden Kitchen 2.Pottery Barn Dollhouse-Similar Here 3. Melissa and Doug Wooden Food 4. Dollhouse Dolls 5. Ikea Table and Chairs 6. Little People Nativity 7. Books  8. Clothes and PJs 

1. I can't wait to see Hal's face when she gets this kitchen! She might not open anything else!!!
2. This dollhouse is a retired Pottery Barn one that I found for $20 at a garage sale, and My mom, my mother in law and I have some BIG special restorations plans for it!
5. Christopher and I decided that a craft corner was in order for Hallie since her new favorite thing to do is color! It will also be a nice place for her to eat snacks and do other crafts and learning activities!
7. For more book and other ideas we have a WHOLE amazon wish list dedicated to Miss Hallie that you can check out here!
8. Clothes and PJs we are buying in Size 9 month or 12 month depending on the store and style of clothing! Kid has long legs and needs some length but a teeny tiny waist!

What is on your kids Christmas list? Do you have an elf reporting to Santa!? I want to here!
<3 Kelly

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Shop Small Kids Accessories

Yesterday Best Dressed Babes and I shared our favorite small shops for Kids Apparel! And what would a cute outfit be without some wonderful accessories! So today I am sharing my favorite small shops for accessories and urging you to link up with us and to shop small on November 28th!

Freshly Picked
Surprise Surprise! My Very fave accessories shop is Freshly Picked! Hallie SERIOUSLY refuses to wear any other shoe! The quality is amazing and the people behind the company are twice as amazing!

Also, if you are thinking about making a holiday purchase from Freshly Picked, don't miss their Black Tuesday Sale, November 24th 10am
Turbans For Tots
This shop makes turbans, headbands bows and more for babes and I couldn't wait to try them out after all of the amazing things I have heard about the brand! I ordered Hal a Christmas Candy Cane striped bow and a cute denim one and I am chomping at the bit for them to arrive!!

Think Pink Bows
I purchased a few items from this shop for Hal's birthday and was SUPER impressed by the shop owner and the quality of the items! This little gold crown perfectly completed Hal's princess ensemble!

Coral and Poppy
Hallie and I were gifted these adorable matching Mommy and Me scarves from this shop and I will for sure be back to make some purchases! Hallie LOVES wearing her scarf too! She walks around with it on and pretends like she is going out for shopping! It's insanely cute!

I have my eye on these adorable Christmas scarves!

So what are your favorite kids accessory shops! Link up with us and let us know!
Happy Shopping!
<3 Kelly

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Shop Small Kids Apparel

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Time for the hustle and bustle, making lists and checking them twice and shoppers rushing home with their treasures! But you know what would make the holiday's even more sweet? Why not shop small? Skip the standing in lines and support small business owners by shopping small on November 28th.  Get your shopping done and leave more time for Family and Friends and what Christmas is all about!

Don't know where to shop? I've got you covered! Heidi from Best Dressed Babes and I will be sharing our favorite shops for kids apparel and accessories all weekend! Grab our image and link up with us to share your favorite small shops! We can't wait to see all of the great shops you have to share!

Vanilla Bean Baby
This might be my favorite small shop ever! The shop owner Natalie has such a unique style and each item I have ordered from her has been amazing quality!
Hallie rocked her Halloween Designs and now we are rocking her super soft sparkly Christmas Tee!

Giggle Brush Designs
This shop caries some of the sweetest small designers! My favorite for sure is Giggle Moon Baby.  I just love how one of a kind their designs are.  The mix the most darling fabrics to create such precious looks!

Mud Pie
Mud Pie Carries all kinds of things from apparel to home goods, but they ALWAYS rock the baby clothes! Here are a couple precious outfits we got over the summer, and then some we have our eye on for Christmas!

Santa Tutu Outfit

Christmas Tree Tunic and leggings

Britt and Brooklyn
This  shop owner always has the cutest skirts! They are just precious! We have 3 and can't wait to add more to our collection!

Max J Boutique
I ordered some of their Christmas Pjs with Hallie's name and I just can't wait for them to arrive!!!

What are your favorite shops?! Bring some originality to your gifts and shop Small! Link up and share your favorite shops now!
<3 Kelly

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hallieisms Take 3

Good morning and Happy Thursday! With all the fun I had sharing Hallie's new Cheesy Face Smile with you, I got to thinking about all the other funny things she has been saying and doing lately! 

I can't get over how fast she is growing and how quickly she is learning! It's just insane and unfair how it all flies! 
  • I am starting to lose count on all the words and phrases she knows, but here are some that she has added to her repertoire: No (the dreaded "No" has finally arrived and it is usually the answer to any question you ask her!) Uh-oh, It's alright, Paci, There it is, 'scus me (generally said to Stella), Woopsadaisy, Wee, Wow, Minnie (which also happens to be her word for Mickey), Not right now, Keys, Cheese (While she pretends to take pictures of you with her "phone" aka the TV remote, Girl also finally said her Memi's name! She now has all 4 Grandparents down!

  • On Halloween, she was scared of my nephew's Halloween mask, and Christopher was trying to get her to not be scared, showing her that it was just a mask and not scary.  He asked her if she wanted to touch it and see for herself and she backed away screaming "Not Right Now!"
  • She not only knows how to say "Keys" but she LOVES keys...anyone's keys! They keep her occupied for long stretches and she cries when you take them away to drive the car! 10 points to the person who gets her her own keys for Christmas..she is SO OVER her baby keys!
  • She still LOVES animals and knows a lot of animal sounds: Elephant, Kitty, Puppy, Duck, Owl, Lion, Monkey, Snake, Horse, Sheep, and Goat! She also will growl like a Monster if she doesn't know the sound an animal makes! Hedgehog "Ahhh", Peacock "Ahhh!" Its pretty funny! She recently learned that Santa says Ho Ho first it was just one Ho, but thankfully now she says all 3! Also She is OBSESSED with that screaming Goat video! She literally asks to watch it at least 10 times a day! She and Daddy find it hilarious!
  • Also if the video goes off, she will nod her head yes and do the more sign! Same goes for anything she wants more of!
  • She loves her belly button...and everyone elses! She will actually lift up your shirt to find it!
  • Sometimes she will pretend she is a puppy and crawl around on the floor's actually pretty cute! 
  • She learned how to walk backwards and will do it with her head up in the air with that same cheesy smile! So funny!
  • She asks you to sing her 3 favorite songs by doing little actions.  If she wants Pat-a-cake she will do the nodding yes while clapping her hands together.  For Twinkle Twinkle she will put her fingers in the air like stars. And sometimes if she wants to hear "If all the raindrops" she will scream "ah ah ah ah!"
  • Books can become hats...actually anything can become a hat! She will put things on her head and say "Hat Hat" then laugh hysterically! 

  • She likes to pretend to fly...she puts her hands behind her back and runs really fast saying "Vrrrrrrr"
  • Bubbles are her new favorite thing! She will point to the bubbles and exclaim "Bubble, Bubble" Until we give in! It's also the cutest thing she says!

I wish time would slow down! It's hard to believe she will be 17 months in a few short days! 
To see all the other cute things Hallie does Check back on Hallieisms take 1 and take 2 
<3 Kelly

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Smile Face

Hallie has a new trick! This is the face you get when you ask her to smile...

Hope this face brightens your Wednesday!
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