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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mad About Plaid Mommy Edition

Like I said yesterday, I just LOVE wearing plaid in the Fall! It helps me actually feel like we have a Fall here in Texas, instead of the sad reality... Anyway, to get me ready for Fall, not only did I search the internet for plaid items for Hal, I also found a few for myself:
1. Gap Black and white Boyfriend shirt
2. Gap plaid Scarf
3. Gap Plaid Peacoat
4. Modcloth black and white plaid dress
5. Modcloth teal plaid dress
6. Modcloth Plaid ballet flats
7. Modcloth plaid infinity scarf
8. Blue Plaid flannel

What are your favorite Fall finds lately?
<3 Kelly


  1. Ohmygosh! That teal plaid dress!!! Definitely need to jump on that! Have you ordered from Modcloth before? They always have such great prices but I've not ever ordered.

  2. Lovin' all if these, especially those flats 😍

  3. YES!! I have so much plaid, it's ridiculous. And yet, it's never enough. ;)


  4. I'm not on the plaid bandwagon but some of these are supercute!! You might make me a convert!!!

  5. This is insane.... Oh my goodness I seriously love it all. Those dresses are to die for.


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