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Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday 5 Randoms!

I am SOOO Thankful for Friday! This week seems like it has lasted FOREVER! Here's what has been/will be happening at the Mock house:

5 Friday Randoms:

1.  Hallie got a brand new big girl car seat this week! We are in LOVE! It was totally meant to be! We went with the Chicco Nextfit, because she can still recline all the way back and it has the same feel as her carrier, but with 9 settings, there is plenty of room for growth

2. Freshly Picked came out with 2 new Moccasin colors that the Mock girls have been drooling over ALL week! "No Place Like Home" and "Let it Go". They will be perfect for Halloween costumes and FOR SURE for Christmas! Come on people, There's No Place Like Home has my heart skipping a beat! 

3. The Etsy Shop got stocked for Halloween

4. I am hoping everyone has a great weekend! I get to spend my weekend with some of my favorite ladies:

5. Don't forget to linkup with us starting Monday for Countdown to Halloween!

Happy Friday! 


  1. I was looking at the Chicco NextFit for Mila, but it was still fairly new when we were buying and I didn't want to go for it without many reviews. Glad to hear you guys love it!

    Love, love, love the new ruby slipper moccs that FP has out!

  2. Those moccs are so cute! They're perfect for all the upcoming seasons!!

  3. Yay for car seats they can grow into!!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend Kelly!

  4. Was she in an infant carrier until now or something different? Aria hated her infant carrier and when we finally switched to her convertible it was like the heavens were singing. I wish we had switched sooner!


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