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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Currently October

Good morning friends! I hope everyone is having a great week! SIckness isn't done plaguing out house unfortunately and is just bouncing from person to person! Ugh! I hope we are rid of this soon! 

Anyway aside from 2 colds and one icky flu we here's what's going down at the Mock House.  

I am currently reading my first Thriller of October.  In the Blood! It's FANTASTIC! If you liked Gone Girl, you'll love this! It's one of those psychological thriller's that keep you on your toes! Another Goodread find.  Have y'all checked out Goodreads yet?!

Watching: Loving all my Fall shows! Dancing with the Stars, Project Runway, Big Bang Theory! Ah! Big Bang has been SOOO good! 

Working on: All kinds of fun Halloween and Fall things! Crafts and planning outings! Then before you know it i'll be getting ready for Christmas!  

Looking Forward to:  Our upcoming trip to New Orleans and of course Halloween and the rest of the Holidays! Any guesses on what Hallie is going to be this year!? (Friends and Family...shh!) 

Loving: For Mommy: I always see things I love, but I never end up buying! Hallie is so much more fun to shop for! Regardless, these are the TOMS I currently have my eye on! Perfect for a Nanny, don't you think? 

For Hallie: I am STILL dying over the No Place Like Home Moccs from Freshly Picked! 
Also I LOVE the whole Olivia for Gymboree line! Have you seen it?! 
Anyway, Hope everyone is doing well! It's ALMOST FRIDAY!!!
<3 Kelly


  1. Those moccs would be great on a little dorothy for certain! My guess for Hallie is....peter pan =) even if it is a boy, she'd rock it!

  2. Oh no!! Hope you all get better ASAP!!
    Those sparkle moccs KILL me!! I wanted to buy a pair so badly... Until I remembered James is a boy, ha ha!
    Can't wait to see what Hallie will be for Halloween!

  3. Keep your eye out for a ZUlily Toms Sale. They have them from time to time. And those sparkle moccs…. can I get them in my size!!!

  4. Hope you start feeling better soon!! Yay for New Orleans! Let me know if you need any recommendations!! I love that city!

  5. Those ruby moccasins.... I'm kind of dying over here. SO cute!


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