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Monday, October 26, 2015

Countdown to Halloween Week 4

I can't believe how close we are to Halloween! The Fall weather has finally come to Dallas and seems to be sticking around and things are getting pretty festive up in here! 

We finally took a trip to the Pumpkin Patch this week! We went with Hallie's friend Kaysan and his Mommy Amy and had a blast! The kids Ran around looking (and trying to pick up all of the pumpkins, went on a "hayride", played in the petting zoo and went through a haystack maze! They loved it! 

I love this photo! It looks like Hal is telling Kaysan "come on!"

Hallie was running around screaming "Baaaa!" at all of the goats and sheep...the sheep were pretty antisocial though

Later this week Mommy's Girls came over for a little PLL Halloween Party! We made Halloween treats and watched Halloween Pretty Little Liars episodes!
Excuse the stack of mail! Monster cookies made another appearance! 

Witches Brooms
Jack-O-Lantern Quesadillas 

Mummy Dogs!
Of course the week wasn't complete without some Halloween Reading and Crafting!
Hallie colored in this Halloween book at her Great Aunt and Uncles birthday party!
At Memi's house, Hallie was treated with more glow sticks and this great book!
Memi also did reading time which was so fun for Hal!

We have had a great week, but there is plenty of Halloween fun on the way, including the big costume Unveiling! Thanks for stopping by to see all the fun we've been having! Grab our button and link up below!
Happily Ever Mock

We can't wait to see what you have been up to! While you are at it, make sure to check out my co-hosts pages! (Sweet Turtle SoupTickled PinkChason' Mason and the Joni Journey) They've been having lots of fun too!

<3 Kelly


  1. I just LOVE her cute little witch shirt and sliver tutu! my daughter would just love that outfit! So fun and festive yet looks so comfy! The pumpkin patch looked like a great trip and all those animals to meet too! Perfect for littles and so great to go with friends!

  2. So cute! Where did you get your daughter's shirt in the first pictures? It's absolutely adorable!! I'm planning on making mummy dogs later this week too :)

    1. Hi Kelly! We got it at carter's! There should be a link to it in my first countdown post! Enjoy your mummy dogs!

  3. Pumpkin patches are the best!! Love how her hair sticks straight up lol

  4. A little knee holding hay ride! Love it! So fun to go with a buddy. I just started watching PLL on netflix. I am to the finale of season one. So fun!! Loving it. So much drama.

  5. We made it to the patch this weekend too! I felt like the last person to go haha. Glad we did, of course! Your festive food is darling!

  6. So glad things finally cooled off for you! It is getting cold here :(.

  7. Ohhhh I am envious of your still warm weather!!! Looks like this was a patch weekend :-)
    Love Hallie's little expressions!!!

  8. I'm so happy you guys went to the pumpkin patch! It's seriously our favorite fall outing and I wish we weren't on vacation last week so we could have gone again!
    I'm also seriously loving your Halloween food! Especially those witches brooms. I'm planning to make mummy dogs this weekend for the kids for dinner on Halloween and then some sort of dessert. I love festive food!

  9. Love the pictures of you at the pumpkin patch! Super cute. I can't believe how chill those goats looked. Looks like you had lots of good food at you PLL party as well. :)

  10. Aww, those two are so cute together! I love Hallie's Pebbles ponytail. I'm thinking monster cookies and mummy dogs need to make an appearance over here this week too. Yumminess!

  11. Love the pictures of Hallie at the pumpkin patch - so cute! Mila has that same little silver tutu! I love it!


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