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Monday, October 19, 2015

Countdown to Halloween Week 3!

I seriously cannot believe we are already sharing the fun we had on week 3! October is just flying by, and before you know it I will finally be sharing Trick-or-Treat photos! Our costumes are FINALLY done! I just can't wait to share them!

This week, we were all mostly on the mend, and we were able to have a lot of fun!

What we've been reading:
Happy Halloween Mittens/The House that Witchy Built/ Pumpkin faces
We borrowed more Halloween themed books from the library, and all 3 were a hit! Hallie loves anything with Animals, so the Mittens book was definitely a fave. She loved how Pumpkin Faces Glows in the dark and The House that Witchy Built was so fun because it is interactive and fun! 

Mommy is also done with her first thriller of the month, In the Blood, and on to #2, The Good Girl! 

Recipe's we've tried:
I put a spin on this Bread Pudding recipe and used Pumpkin Bread! It was delicious! I think I ate the whole dish by myself! 

I also made these fun Monster Sugar Cookies for a Pumpkin Painting Play date! I just made my Mother in Law's sugar cookies, dyed some vanilla frosting purple and green and placed candy eyeballs on top to create cute monsters! 

Halloween Playtime:
Hallie scored these Little People Halloween friends while on a shopping trip! They have a bunch, but of course Hal chose the one with the Puppy!

We were able to make a new footprint ghost this week too! I can't get over how much my peanut has grown in 1 year!

Fun Fall Outings:

My sweet friend Parisa put together a fun Pumpkin Painting Playdate, which Hallie and I were thrilled to attend, Monster Cookies in hand! We painted a little kitty on our Pumpkin, and Hal had so much fun running around with all of the other kids!
Hallie couldn't stop Meowing at our Pumpkin!

We were also pleased to attend our friends Matt and Olivia's Baby shower/Oktoberfest Party! The food was delish and it was so much fun! We couldn't be happier for them!
Among those delicious treats were the VERY BEST Pumpkin Whoopie Pies I have ever tasted...okay maybe the only ones I have ever tasted, but Hats off to Olivia! She's such a good chef!
Happy Mommy and Daddy!
Hanging with Mr. Jay
 Old friends!

We had a great week and we hope you did too! Grab our button and link up with us below! 
Happily Ever Mock

We can't wait to see what you have been up to! While you are at it, make sure to check out my co-hosts pages! (Sweet Turtle SoupTickled PinkChason' Mason and the Joni Journey) They've been having lots of fun too!

<3 Kelly


  1. oh I had pumpkin whoopie pies at my baby shower! They were so good. Easy to make too. You should give em a try!
    I love your kitty pumpkin and Hallie's outfit. I love the tutu pants combo. I was sad they didn't come in Aria's size. I guess she outgrew that cuteness? psh never! I do love her tutu dress so that will have to suffice.
    The ghost feet are the best! I wish I had one from each year. I liked Nina's Monster feet this week though, we may do that one!

  2. Love the cat pumpkin! So cute! And those monster sugar cookies are adorable. I might steal that idea. Looks like you guys had lots of fun at all the fall themed get togethers.

  3. Those monster cookies are absolutely adorable!

  4. Ooh what fun parties!!! And sugar cookies! YEs please!!

  5. Those monster cookies are a cute idea and look delicious. Yum!

  6. Mila loves Little People - I need to find those! She'd love that little set! Those monster cookies look deliciously cute and YUM pumpkin whoopie pies. I used to make them all the time!

  7. That little kitty pumpkin is darling! I found a cute cat pumpkin tutorial that I have my heart set on making for this year, just waiting til we go to the patch this weekend. We're cutting it close but at least it will last til Halloween lol

  8. SO much cute Halloween fun Kelly! Those little people, oh my goodness they are precious. Love those cookies you made too.

  9. So many fun party ideas in here!!! We have been having fun with Halloween books too. Now I want to make some of those sugar cookies!!

  10. So cute! I love her little outfit and that kitty pumpkin!

  11. I love those monster cookies! So fun!!

  12. I just love this time of year. Those monster cookies are super cute and look delicious. And the ghost footprints are precious!! I love her little tutu outfit and the expression she is making in that pumpkin picture!!ear.


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