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Monday, October 12, 2015

Countdown to Halloween Week 2

Happy Monday! Welcome back to the Countdown to Halloween! Grab the button and link up with us!

Happily Ever Mock

I had a TERRIBLE cold last week, but that didn't stop us from having some Halloween fun! I felt like laying on the couch in front of the TV a lot this week so (MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD) Hallie and I had a Halloween marathon and watched some great Halloween specials! Here's what we watched!

Charlie and Lola "What Can I Wear for Halloween"

Mickey's Treat

Mickey's Monster Musical

I also finished our decorating this week

Look at those teeny toes! We made this last year! 
The candles and pumpkins all light up

 Saturday night was girls night! Daddy was working late, so we took the opportunity to have a fun Halloween themed bath, eat yummy pumpkin bread and watch Mommy's favorite Halloween special "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"
I mixed up some bath paint in Slime Green and Purple People Eater Purple (Lookout for the recipe this week!), pulled out the Halloween rubber duckies, and tried Courtney's Glowstick bath trick! 
She LOVED the painting the walls and her ducks!

 Then the party began! We turned out the lights and got out our glow in the dark ducks and glow sticks!

Even our new friend "Stan the Fish" enjoyed the fun!
After bath, we wrapped up in our Owl towel! Hallie kept saying "Hoo Hoo" 
Then we put on our skeleton PJs and read some library books
Even Puppy got in the Halloween spirit 
Then we snuggled up for Charlie Brown

"Gosh Mom! I'm trying to watch!"
Pumpkin Bread! (This week that bread is turning into something else delicious, watch for that next week!)

We also did some Pumpkin Painting this weekend!
Hallie picked a perfect pumpkin at the grocery store
Then Mommy turned it into Mickey Mouse!
 Hallie just loved it! We might have to make a Minnie one next! 
 All in all (aside from the yucky head cold) we had a fantastic week! Hoping to get some Fall weather here in Dallas soon! What has everyone else been up to? Link up below!
<3 Kelly


  1. That stinks that you had a cold, I hope you're feeling better! I'm going to have to try the glow sticks in the bath Hallie looks like she had a blast. I bet Mason would love it! Your decorations are so cute, I love the spiders!

    1. Thank you!! I am finally starting too!

  2. I hope your cold is long gone and that you are feeling better. I am loving all of the Halloween shows on lately! Did you make that burlap pumpkin? It’s precious!! And the Hallie-ween craft is precious!! So clever! And that picture of her in the little hooded towel is precious! Mason is 5 and we still use the hooded towels. We love them! And the Mickey pumpkin? ADORABLE! You guys are having a festive month!

  3. LOVE that pumpkin!!! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  4. How cute is that pumpkin?? I'm sorry you were sick. You did a lot feeling under the weather! Hallie-ween haha that is such a cute name play. Hooded towels are the best. I love the owl one. Yay for glow stick baths too! We've yet to get one at night when it is dark. Our last one was middle of the day and it was pretty bright still. I'll remember one night.

  5. That pumpkin!!! And the sass Hallie is throwing in the tub! Haha yall had a festive week despite the cold!!!

  6. Omg, that Mickey pumpkin! LOVE! Sorry to hear about the cold. Thank goodness for all the Halloween movie specials going on right now. Cute decorations. I gotta do some footprint art this year. It's so fun to look back on.

  7. Cute decorations - I especially love the burlap pumpkin with the button monogram! Hallie looks like she had a blast in her glow bath! I need to try that as well!

  8. She's too cute! I hope you're feeling better. XOXO I love the pumpkin!

  9. Love that Mickey pumpkin and a Halloween movie is on our list so we'll check those out. We typically go with Charlie Brown or Georges Boo fest but they would love the Mickey Mouse one!

  10. There's no shame in watching some TV :) I love your burlap pumpkin!



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