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Thursday, September 10, 2015

National Teddy Bear Day

Yesterday was National Teddy Bear Day! Hallie and I had a great time celebrating!

Hallie wore her Teddy Bear PJs so that she would be prepared when she woke up!
 I made us a Teddy Bear Picnic for breakfast
Complete with a Teddy Bear Pancake
Hallie was SO excited when she saw her breakfast!
 She ate happily
 And shared some with Teddy too

We stayed in our PJs for most of the day
 And read a lot of books about bears!

We went on a bear hunt

We also took Teddy on a trip to Nana's house

Where we picked out Teddy Bear cookie cutters and worked on "Big" and "Small"with the 2 cookie cutter bears!

I had High hopes of having Teddy Grahams as afternoon snack, but our store was sold out...guess everyone knew it was National Teddy Bear Day
 Instead we ate cheerios and had a lovely afternoon! 

Did you celebrate National Teddy Bear Day?
<3 Kelly


  1. OH my goodness that is just so sweet. Good job mama. Also, those pigtails?! The best, EVER!

  2. She is so sweet feeding her teddy bear some pancakes. I need to try creative shaped food - for awhile Olivia didnt get it, but I think shes at the age that she would love it. I'm just not sure she would eat a doggie or bear ;) Such a fun idea!!


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