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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hallieisms Take 2

This girl is growing up so fast! I just can't get over how quickly it all goes! I am trying to do my best at keeping up with her and recording all of the cute and funny moments and all of the adorable words that come out of her mouth! A couple months ago I shared some of my favorite Hallieisms, so on to take two!

  • Hallie is incredibly curious...about EVERYTHING! She will point to anything or anyone and say "Who's that?" or "What's that?!" Even if she already knows!
  • When she gives you something, she'll exclaim "Here you go!" Same goes if you have something she wants though! She is also starting to use "Pease, Tank you, and welcome", but they are all interchangeable at this point!
  • When she sees someone she likes she will tell them "Hi there!" -Especially Miss Elaine, our favorite checker at the grocery store! She's an older white haired lady that Hallie just adores! But she will say it before we get all the way up in the line, so I am not sure Miss Elaine actually knows Hallie can talk.
  • Sometimes when I tell her my coffee is "Hot Hot" she will repeat me.  Or if she sees a coffee cup lying around she will yell "Hot Hot!"
  • This one kind of breaks my heart....every once in a while, my darling girl will call me "Kelly" instead of Mommy...I always repeat "Mommy's name is Mommy!" after she does that! 
  • Sometimes with blocks or with pictures in books, Hallie will "count" she will point to each one and say things that kind of sound like numbers. Not in order of course, but I have heard her say 3 and 7.  She will also shout out random letters while we are watching Wheel of Fortune...her favorite show next to Mickey Mouse.
  • She LOVES to read, and she will frequently bring me books and say "Read it!"
  • She has totally learned that a nose is for smelling.  She will smell flowers now if she sees them.  My favorite though is sometimes I will sniff her feet and tell her "Oh they are so stinky!" just pretending of course. But we were watching a baby of one of the families I babysit for on occasion, and she grabbed his foot and smelled it, then made a face like it was stinky! It was priceless!
  • She loves to boss Stella around and tell her "Stella, Sit!"
  • I created a Moccster! Literally, Hallie's Freshly Picked are the ONLY shoes that she will let touch her feet! A couple weekends ago we were heading to an outdoor event, and I tried so hard to get her to wear breathable shoes or sandals to no avail! Complete kicking and screaming scenario! So finally I grabbed a pair of moccs and said "Want to wear these?" She nodded her head yes and let me put them on for her....oh boy! 
  • Hallie also enjoys yoga and ballet in her spare time! She is very good at downward dog and attitudes and tondues...proud momma!
  • Hallie can tell you Duck says "Quack", Elephant makes a trumpeting sound (which is her favorite!) but Cat almost always says "Hey cat!" We also recently added Monster to our repertoire, a monster says "aaaah" the other day a cat said "aaah cat!" (FACEPALM) 
    Monster Face...still trying to get it on video!
Words Hallie has added since out last check in
  • Go
  • Car
  • Hat
  • Cat
  • Shoe
  • Cup
  • Baby
  • Brush
  • Katie
We are now up to: About 50 words and phrases!

What are some funny things your littles say or do? Tell me!
<3 Kelly 


  1. She is the cutest!! Nicklas will call his daddy Jamie - this usually happens after he says daddy 3 times and daddy doesn't answer!!!

  2. Stinky feet! Peeyew is a cute word to teach =) Those overalls btw!! So cute. I always think it is funny when Aria uses a name. I call Chris 'Pher' and she's used it a couple times, make me laugh. She'll say pherty! But, even better when I call her sweetie...usually like do you want some whatever sweetie? She'll say no sweetie, or yes sweetie. Kids are the most fun to talk too lol.

  3. Oh so fun! Her vocabulary is pretty huge for her age Kelly! Kelly might be my favorite. That and Tank you. So sweet.

  4. oh my gosh--- so much cuteness in one post… love the yoga/ballet moves and how she calls you Kelly!

  5. I just love her! And can't believe how quickly she is growing! WHY do they grow so fast?!
    Mia totally went through a phase where she would ONLY call me "mourney" (She now says it correctly, "Courtney", but she also used to say "mramma" instead of "grandma" so at least she was tying "mommy" in with that "m" sound, ha ha!) instead of mom. It drove me CRAZY and she thought it was hilarious. Girlfriend likes to push buttons, ha ha!
    Now in the last week or so when she wants my attention she will holler, "Courtney!" whether we are at home or in public and I'll immediately ask her what my name is and she answers, "mommy!" and looks at me like... duh mom!! ha ha!

    1. Oh funny! It's totally heartbreaking...I keep thinking. .. she's too young for this!

  6. Such a cutie! Its so much fun to listen to them talk!

  7. These are all so funny! I love that you write them down. I have got to have a better system for the funny stuff Olivia does. Whenever I start to write a blog post, I draw a blank on what she did that made us laugh out loud. Any tips on keeping a record?


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