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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mad About Plaid baby Edition

I just love a little plaid in my wardrobe come Fall! We are FINALLY starting to see a little cold front off in the distance and it has me scouring the internet for Mother/Daughter plaid! Here's what I have come up for for little peanut!
1. Red Plaid Carters Top
2.Gray Plaid Baby Gap Dress
3. Timber Freshly Picked Moccassins
4. Burberry Baby Dress
5. Carter Plaid Top with Sparkle Leggings
6.  Baby Gap Plaid Dress
7. Baby Gap Plaid Headband

What are your favorite Plaid finds?
<3 Kelly

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hocus Pocus

Nothing screams Halloween season like watching Hocus Pocus! It was always one of my favorite Halloween movies, so I was thrilled when I came across this Etsy Shop, Vanilla Bean Baby and this adorable Halloween T-shirt for Hallie! 
T-shirt and leggings- Vanilla Bean Baby/ Ebony Moccasins- Freshly Picked
 The seller, Natalie was so sweet and easy to work with, and her product came immaculately shipped in these cute little Vanilla Bean bags!

The T-shirt is so soft, and Hallie couldn't stop staring at the sparkles on the adorable little kitty! I also love how Natalie gives the option of cuffed and not cuffed sleeves! We chose cuffed and we got so many compliments on the shirt, often for that reason! 
The leggings are equally as soft, and come with the little "Vanilla Bean Baby" logo on the back!
All in all I give this shop 2 thumbs up and highly recommend that you check out all of the cute Fall and Halloween items in her shop! Take it from Hallie, this shop rocks!

 We just LOVE Vanilla Bean Baby, and will definitely be making more purchases in the future!
<3 Kelly

Monday, September 28, 2015

Must Have Monday Halloween Edition

Happy Monday Y'all! Hope everyone had a great weekend! We FINALLY pulled out some of our Halloween/Fall decorations this weekend so it's starting to feel a little like Fall (inside at least) 

Today I am sharing some of our favorite Halloween Must Haves with you! 

2.Carter's Kitty Cardigan- I can't wait for it to be cool enough for Hallie to rock this! 
4. Hocus Pocus Shirt- Look out for a review on this product tomorrow, and check out the rest of her Halloween themed products in the shop!
5. Chevron Leggings- We got the stripped pair(shown above), but it looks like they are sold out!
6. Ebony Freshly Picked Moccasins- Of course Hallie had to have a black pair to match all of her Halloween outfits! 
7. Carter's Skeleton Pjs- AKA Hallie's new favorite PJs

8. Biscuits Pet and Play Halloween- This book is Hallie's new favorite because of the cute animals and Mommy likes it because it is Halloween win!
9. Room on the Broom- Another favorite, see reasons above!

I also have 2 new Halloween themed games in my etsy shop! Make sure to check those out today too!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

15 Months of Hallie Anne

  • Age- 15 months 
  • Weight- Just barely on the charts this time at 16 lb 11 oz
  • Length- 31 inches! Officially outgrown the infant carrier! 2 inches in 3 months...this kid is going to be TALL!
  • Size- I really don't know anymore...we wear a lot of mixed matched sizes...some 3 month or 6 month, some 9 month and occasionally 12 month if we sew the sides of the waist to make it smaller but we need pants to be long! She has long long legs and an itty bitty waist.  We are in size 2 diapers during the day and 3s at night.  
  • Eyes- blue-green
  • Hair- Light brown and we had our first haircut! 
  • Sleeping- 2 naps a day and 11 hours at night. 
  • Eating- Getting a bit pickier, but I can still get her to eat most things. LOVES her whole milk!
  • Teeth- 4- 2 on top and 2 on bottom with some very swollen gums!
  • Milestones-  Jumping, and exploding vocabulary! 
  • Memorable outings- Trip to Galveston, Back at playgroup after a LONG summer,balloon festival and visiting great grandparents.
  • Favorite toys/activities-  Stuffed animals (Especially my puppy, giraffe and bunny), Books (especially animal books like Dear Zoo), Pat-a-cake, cars and musical toys, dress up (we spent about 2 weeks straight wearing a necklace from Memi! She also recently started wearing sunglasses) 
  • Words/sounds-Over 50 words and phrases...she added "No" yesterday, luckily its usually in response to a question and not an objection.  
  • Nicknames- I call her sweet pea, peanut, sweet girl, Hal or lately bean!
  • Funny moments- She loves making animal sounds! Recently we have added "monster" to our list of sounds and she will run around the house growling! It's pretty funny! She also likes to give you a "Bonk" on the head...a lot of time she uses it as a gesture of endearment instead of a kiss or a hug, she'll bump you with her forehead.  But then she is very fair so she has to go around "bonking" everyone in the forehead. We also had a moment a few weeks ago when she was mad at her shape sorter because the square wouldn't fit in the star hole! She also refused my help, so she just sat there screaming! We have discovered our bellybutton and she gets upset when I put onesies on because she can't play with it.
  • Looking forward to- Halloween! There is a pretty amazing costume in the works! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hallie Anne 15 month photos

Can you believe my baby girl is 15 months old already? Because I can't...not even a little bit!
This morning we were thrilled to have a little 15 month photo shoot with Purple Moments Photography! Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do!
I HAD to get a couple in Hallie's favorite PJs, with her favorite Puppy, favorite blanket and favorite book! I am so glad I did too! 
 Puppy PJS

 Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!
<3 Kelly

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Balloon Festival

On Saturday Morning, I got Hallie and I up and ready super early to keep our tradition of attending the morning lift off of the Plano Balloon Festival! First I stopped for donuts, then I picked my Mom up, where we made coffee and got Hallie dressed in the adorable skirt my mom made for her.  

Then we were off, before the sun came up! When we got there, unfortunately they announced that not all the balloons would be blown up and the ones that did, couldn't take off because of the storm in the area. So we stayed and watched a few balloons.  Hallie was in awe for a little bit until she noticed the dog passing by us.  Then her attention turned to that.  Before long it was sprinkling and we decided to leave.  Here's to next year! I hope you enjoy the pictures I was able to get though!
Hallie and Nana

The clouds rolling in

I thought it would be fun to do some side by side comparison pictures
It's crazy how much everyone changes in a year!
<3 Kelly 
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