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Monday, August 31, 2015

Surprise Nana!

In case you don't remember, my mom's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and that was one of the main reason's we went to the beach as a family.  My Dad however, was not done surprising her! He contacted a bunch of her friends, her sister, my sisters and myself and organized a surprise Lunch this weekend at Elke's, her favorite cafe in town. My Aunt Frances (one of my mom's very best friends)  brought my Mom, who thought they were just having lunch the two of them.
Elke prepared a nice meal of her best dishes as well as birthday cupcakes of our choice! It was a lovely meal, and the VERY first time my Dad has ever been able to pull off a surprise for my mom, EVER!


The note was from my Dad.....
It read "Gotcha!" 

 Happy Birthday Mom!
<3 Kelly


  1. aww that's great!! i bet your mom loved the surprise. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Aww how fun! So great that he was able to surprise her!

  3. This is so sweet and I'm sure your mom loved it!!


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