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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Summer Bucket List Final Check in

Well with Summer over, I am finally giving you the scoop on the rest of the activities the girls and I completed from their Summer bucket list! Unfortunately We weren't able to complete all of the activities due to their many trips and busy schedules, but we did come close! Sadie also decided to change up a couple of things last minute! i.e: We went ice skating instead of bowling and she was definitely too old to play with American Girls! Ha! Kids! But here is what we did do:

Snowball Fight:
This was easily my favorite Summer activity! We got a bunch of snowballs from Bahama Bucks Snow cones and had probably the best Snowball fight anyone in Texas has ever experienced! We even built a teeny snowman!

Our buddy Brayden joined! 

We even made sure Hallie got a snowball thrown at her...from indoors of course!

Indoor Camping and Board Games
We made a little fort for our "camp out" and Sadie brought in a bunch of games! It was so fun! We also played many games of Mancala this summer! It was Sadie's fave for sure!

Dirt and Worms
A classic yummy fave!

Cooking Lesson:
I taught Cleo how to make Manicotti! It turned out delicious!

Hallie is a bit Pasta obsessed! She was pointing at it saying "That, That!" Until we finally fixed her a plate!

Koolaid Dough
Sadie chose to do this one with a friend.  We made it a few summers ago and she LOVED it! Here's the recipe!

We chose to do these on the last day of Summer, so of course they HAD to be back to school themed! We used strawberry cake mix, white frosting, tootsie rolls, and red sprinkles to create little apples!

We can't wait to see what next Summer has in store for us! Stay Tuned!
<3 Kelly


  1. LOVE the snowball fight! How fun! And those cupcakes are super cute!

  2. ooooh, I have to steal some of these for when my girls get bigger--- loving the dirt and worms idea!!!

  3. Love (!!!!!) these ideas! Especially that snowball fight!!! How fun! Also love that you took the time to give a cooking lesson! So sweet!

  4. Love!!! Looks like your summer was wonderful!!

  5. So fun that you do so many cool activities together. Including cooking and baking. I just love that. Girls need to learn domestic skills and so often people over look those. The apple cupcakes are super cute too :).

  6. I'd say you did a pretty good job!! I think the kiddos enjoyed it too - you definitely see a lot of excitement and happiness in these photos! Way to make the summer memorable, girlie!!

  7. You guys came close! And I think that's the point in the bucket list. To have ideas and get most of it done, but I never complete it all. That snowball fight looked like so much fun!


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