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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Our Favorite Books

This babe loves to read. Her love of books makes this momma's heart swell with pride.  I have always been a reader, so to see her enjoy literature in the way I do is just the sweetest thing ever! She just loves it! Sometimes she will open 4 books around herself and just go from book to book flipping pages and pointing at the pictures.  So it's no surprise that our nighttime routine including books and prayer are her absolute favorite! 

Her bookshelf in her room (we actually need another one!)
We also keep books in her play area so that she can read throughout the day!

 So today I thought I would share some of our favorite books-

Mommy's Favorites:
For me, I tend to enjoy reading Hallie either ones that were my favorites as a kid or ones with a really cute story (ie. Alice the Fairy and Fancy Nancy)

I think I had EVERY Madeline book as a kid, and I memorized the words to each one of them before I knew how to read! Reading Madeline to Hallie now is so fun! it's like sharing a bit of my childhood with her!
Giraffes Can't Dance-
This was one of my favorites to read to the kids at story time when I worked at Barnes and Noble.  I just love the lesson that it teaches about individuality.
Alice the Fairy-
This one is just darn hilarious! A little girl pretending to be a fairy and do "magic" like turning her Dad into a "horse". Too cute in my opinion! You can't go wrong with this one!
Fancy Nancy-
Who doesn't love Fancy Nancy.  Just a cute story about a cute little girl!
Lift the Flap Bible-
This one is a win win in my book.  Hallie loves opening all the flaps, and I love that I am planting little seeds about our Faith early.
Jillian Jiggs-
This was my absolute FAVORITE book growing up. It's about a little girl with a huge imagination that has trouble cleaning her room! My sweet Mom found me a treasury for me of all of her books the Christmas before Hallie was born! It was such a special gift!
The Napping House- 
This one is an adorable story with super sweet illustrations!

 Daddy's Favorites:

Hop on Pop-
Daddy just bought this book for Hallie on their latest Daddy Daughter Date.  He loved it because of the title and she loves it because of the rhymes!
Pete the Cat-
This really is a sweet book, and Daddy loves it because of how positive Pete the Cat is! He lets everything roll off his back!
Texas Alphabet-
Of course this is one of his faves...it's about Texas...need I say more?
If you Give a Mouse a Cookie-
Christopher says he likes this one because "it teaches valuable life lessons"...whatever that means!

Hallie's Favorites:

Dear Zoo- 
Hands down this is Hallie's favorite book! She loves lifting the flaps, and ALWAYS has to kiss the puppy in the end!

Baby Giggles-
Hallie loves looking at all of the sweet baby photos in this book! Especially the baby in the bath!
Baby Animals
Again with the animals! She can't get enough of them! Plus this one is a touch and feel book!
Yummy Yucky
We quote this one almost daily! Every morning when Hallie tires to touch my coffee I have to say "Mommy's coffee is yucky!" bleh!
Where is Baby's Belly Button-
Another lift the flap book! She loves pointing out the baby's belly button, eyes and etc.
Polar Bear, Polar Bear-
We were given the copy of this book with the sound buttons! Hallie laughs when we push the buttons! It's too cute!
Hopefully we introduced you to some new books for you and your little ones to enjoy!
What are some of your favorite books?


  1. When I babysit I always love reading to my youngest niece (the older ones are over it lol) but she loves fancy nancy!!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Ohh I loved the Madeleine books! That's so awesome that she loves to read!

  3. Is it the pete the cat with his white shoes? My version of the song he sings is pretty impressive. I asked Chris how he sings it and then showed him mine. Oh yeah. all star status over here. I think Aria clearly prefers mom's version too!

  4. My nephew absolutely loves books! He can't go to bed without reading one or two books!


  5. Love these!!! I LOVE children's books and can't get enough. I love to buy the seasonal ones too, like Madeline's Christmas, etc. I love your choices!!

  6. I love all the books! It is so cute that Hallie takes books to look at herself. I notice we have lots of the same books (Where is Baby's Bellybutton is a favorite here too).

  7. So cute! I love that reading is such a big part of your day. So awesome and important to expose them to books early.

  8. Olivia loves to read that these are great suggestions. We need more books. We don't have any of these!


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