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Friday, August 7, 2015

Oh hey Friday! Recent faves!

Oh hey, it's Friday! This weekend should be a pretty good one! I get to go see my sister in "Into The Woods", so that will be a blast! I'll also be getting ready for our family trip to Galveston for my mom's birthday! This weekend will be a perfect time to shop too, because it is tax free weekend!

Speaking of shopping, for today's "Oh hey, Friday" I thought I would share with you some of our recent favorite products!

1. Carter's 2 piece PJs
 As much as it makes me sad that baby girl can now fit in PJs other than her cute footie ones, these little pants (which by the way still have to be stitched tighter to fit on my teeny babe) make morning diaper changes with my less than complacent little girl much easier! Plus these puppy ones are her new favorite and she tries kissing them while she is wearing them which is hilarious to watch! We also have the princess ones and the ballerina ones!
These have been so great! They never leak and have a soft nipple that made the switch from bottle to sippy super easy! Hallie never pitched a fit or even really noticed that the bottle was gone! She loves them!

I have recently started taking Hallie to the gym daycare a couple hours a week while I am in my class.  We have been able to put these name stickers on all of her belongings, including her beloved puppy, to ensure that none of them go missing! Love them! You can customize them however you want with different colors and pictures! They are also dishwasher and microwave safe, so that's a plus!

4. Mickey Mouse Bath Toys-
Okay we were given these cute toys as hand me downs, and Hallie has not yet put them down! She takes them EVERYWHERE just like her puppy, except these can be easily thrown in the dishwasher or scrubbed down with a disinfectant if she drops them in a restaurant! These are the perfect toy for all of your Mickey Mouse lovers!

5. Snack Catcher-
This darn contraption is amazing! Seriously, whoever came up with it is a genius and I bow to them! It is perfect for many reasons! Hallie likes to dump out bowls of everything and this bowl has a little spill proof lid with slits so Hal's hand still fits through to grab a snack, but when dumped or shaken vigorously, the goldfish or cheerios stay intact.  Also she can only remove a few bites at a time which is great for keeping her busy at Church and keeps her from shoving in a giant handful of cheerios at once!

These are just our recent faves! What are some of your favorite products?
Happy weekend!
<3 Kelly


  1. So jealous that you are escaping the heat to the beach!!!! Have a safe and amazing trip!! Break a leg to your sister - that should be fun! What's her part??

  2. Abigail is almost five and she still won't give up footed PJ's :p

  3. Those Nuk sippy cups were an absolute favorite with both of my girls. I LOVED them so much. We were also a big fan of the snack cups too.

    Happy almost Friday again!


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