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Monday, August 3, 2015

Lake Weekend

Good evening folks! It is not normal for me to post in the evening, but I needed some time this morning to recoup from my crazy mommies only trip to the lake!

This weekend (most of) the ladies from my moms group drove down to our girl Taylor's family's lake house for some much needed R&R as well as tons of laughter, food, drinks and quality time! Taylor was precious and decorated the whole place SUPER adorable complete with personalized wine glasses and cute little gift baskets on our beds!

As soon as everyone arrived, we played a game and had some yummy martinis!
 We stayed up late (some of us later than others) talking, chatting...one of us might have meowed while asking about a popular pediatrician in the area, Dr. Katz. Finally though it was time for bed.

I woke up to a beautiful view the next morning to the most gorgeous view! I was up first so I got to enjoy some peace and quiet with the sunrise!

Some of the other ladies started waking up, and coffee on the deck was a must!

We had breakfast and mimosas!

Then we decided to head out to the water for some fun in the sun!
First time Kayaking
Clearly I am a natural

Some of us went inside for some nail painting and facial masks...

....when this little GIANT lizard decided to crash the party!

 Thank GOD for our pal Whitney, who calmly informed us of his presence in the room and caught him and set him free!

After that scare, we chatted some more...I MIGHT have opened another bottle of wine, then made some delicious mini pizzas for dinner!

After dinner, we headed out to the dock for some fun group pictures! (So sad that Frankie had already left and that Amy and Serene couldn't make it...otherwise our WHOLE group was there!)
(From Left to Right: TOP- Whitney, Danielle
BOTTOM- Me, Larissa, Taylor, Melinda, Andrea) 

Finally it was my favorite part of the show...S'mores time! Our resident Girl Scout, Whitney made the fire!
They were delicious

Once we came inside, we had a dance party, played some old school games, like flip cup and catch phrase oh and Andrea might have tortured Larissa and Melinda with a Cicada that got inside...(What was it with critters crashing our party! I haven't even mentioned the Possum that got on the deck! Sorry no pics!) 
Dancing to Backstreet Boys! Larissa was really into it! lol!
"I had the time of my life!"

"And I owe it all to you!!"

Hiding with the Cicada
Coming out of hiding once the cicada was put outside!
All in all it was such a crazy fun weekend! Can't wait to do it again!!!

<3 Kelly


  1. That looks like so. much. fun! When Matt and I go Up North, we usually go kayaking as well. I'm not that great at it, but it's fun. Eek... catch phrase! That was a staple at all the high school sleep overs/ parties of my youth!

    1. It was so much fun! The kayaking, the catch phrase, everything!

  2. Now its back to the grind and back to work...lol. love you ALL and thank you for the the best weekend.

    1. It was really the best time ever!!! I'm still recouping!!!

  3. Wow!! That looks like so much fun!!!!! Glad you had a good mommys weekend... we all need and deserve those! :)

  4. Hahaha that sounds awesome! Even with the bugs and critters.

  5. What a fun weekend!!! Your girls look like you all had so much fun!!! Those s'mores look amazinggggg. I've been craving those all summer!!


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