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Saturday, August 8, 2015

9 tips for 9 months

I still have a hard time believing that Hallie is a year old! It's not fair how long 9 months of waiting to see those tiny fingers and toes seems, but how fast it all goes once you finally have that sweet beautiful babe in your arms.  Reminiscing about my pregnancy is a little bittersweet to be honest.  It wasn't that the pregnancy itself was that hard.  In terms of morning sickness and other common pregnancy symptoms, I pretty much lucked out.  However, I did have a Subchronic Hematoma on the larger side of average that caused a lot of worries and concerns during my 9 (Hallie was pulled 3 weeks early due to continued concerns) 8 months. This left me uneasy and unable to enjoy the whole stretch of my pregnancy.  There were things I wish people had told me and things I wish I had done.  So today I am sharing my 9 tips for 9 months:

1.) Definitely wait the 12 weeks to share the news with too many people: Pregnancy can be scary and there is so much to worry about.  I think it is smart to wait at least the full 12 weeks before making too big of an announcement.  In our situation I worried every day that I would never get to meet our baby especially during those times when the hematoma was bigger than her.

2.) Don't Google strange symptoms: If you have a symptom that you think is odd, don't Google.  If you do this you will ALWAYS come across the worst case scenario that will terrify you and make you beyond paranoid.  Just call the nurse at your OBGYN's office.  That's one of the many reasons that they are there.  Don't worry about being "that lady".  You know the one I am talking about.  The one that calls for every little thing.  Just do it.  You will be glad you put your mind at ease.

3.) Every Pregnancy is different: Just because your sister, your mom, or your best friend had specific pregnancy symptoms or craved pickles and chocolate ice cream, doesn't mean you will. Having to have a C-section isn't always genetic.  Just focus on what is right for you and your babe and....

4.) Make decisions that are right for you and your family: Don't let anyone pressure you into doing something that doesn't feel right for you. For example, initially when we started noticing certain things at my 37 week appointment, my Dr, sent me upstairs to be prepped for a C-section.  I am lucky enough to have had a Dr. who took the time to ask my husband and I how we felt about having one. We concluded that if we could try having a V-birth first without having more complications that we would like to try that first.  When our birth plan went successfully my Dr. congratulated us for knowing what was right for us! (Hallie ended up being only 4 lb 15 oz. and took 3 contractions and 6 pushes to get out....can you imagine if we had had a C-section instead!)
I also had a nurse that tried to push me into latching when we had already decided that we would be an exclusive pumping family.  My Doctor had to finally ask the nurse to stop asking me to get Hallie to latch! We knew what was right for us!

5.) Pick a Dr. that makes you comfortable: If you start with one Dr. and you don't like the way they are doing things or it just doesn't feel like it's a good fit...SWITCH! This is an important time and you need to feel calm and comfortable through it all! Even given our extra complications, our OBGYN was so positive, calm and helpful through it all. I could not have chosen a better doctor!

6.)  Take advice with a grain of salt: Like I have already said, you know what is best for you and no 2 pregnancies are exactly alike, so take advice with a grain of salt.  For example when people tell you to sleep now because you won't be sleeping when the baby arrives...not always true! I had a really difficult time sleeping when I was pregnant and actually slept a lot better once we got home and settled in.  I knew that Hallie was safe and BONUS she has ALWAYS been a terrific sleeper!

7.) Pack your hospital bag early: At 6 1/2 months into my pregnancy, we were sent to labor and delivery with some irregular bleeding even after the hematoma was gone.  Thankfully I didn't have to deliver that day, but it could have been a possibility. I remember scrambling around the house throwing stuff in a bag. Thank goodness I actually had time to really pack a bag before Hallie really made her arrival!  (Things to pack: Comfy clothes, shirts that open in front if you are planning on pumping or breastfeeding, toiletries, phone charger, camera, snacks, going home outfits for you and baby, something to help pass time, your own pillow, etc.)

8.) Know that if you share your baby names, there is a good chance someone isn't going to like it: I made the mistake of sharing our name possibilities and ended up being completely turned off to a name we were DEAD SET on, because it hurt my feelings that people didn't like it. Go with your gut when choosing names and don't share them if you are sensitive like me.

9.) Do what your Dr. says: Your Dr. is the professional.  If they tell you no heavy lifting, or to stay on bed rest, listen! They really do know best and are trying to keep you and the baby safe.

I hope this is helpful to some mommies to be out there.  It will also be a good reminder for me to look back on when the day comes for baby number 2....just not yet!

<3 Kelly


  1. These are such wonderful tips!! Keeping it real girlie!!

  2. Isn't that the truth?! The time flies by so much quicker once they are born than when you are pregnant... which is terrifying because my pregnancy has FLOWN by this time around! I don't want that time with him to go even quicker once he's here!
    I have mixed feelings about #1. We waited until 11 weeks to announce Mia and 14 weeks to announce this pregnancy. Only because I waited so long to go to the doctor (it's amazing how much more laid back you are the second time around... I had been to the doctor 3 times by 14 weeks with Mia's pregnancy, ha ha!) but I see others who announce early and if they do miscarry? They have SO much love and support helping them through! I don't think I will be once to announce super early but I love the love, excitement and support people receive when announcing early.
    YES to #6! These are all so great!!

  3. I love everything about this list! And I slept better with Olivia then pregnant, even though she wasn't a good sleeper! Now I want to know what your original name was. I love that we picked her name at birth.


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