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Thursday, August 6, 2015

10 Loves/10 Hates

Morning! I was Tagged by Courtney at Sweet Turtle Soup!  for this fun Love/Hate post
I tag Sindi with My Infertility Journey

10 Hates:
1. Seafood, Beef and pork..yep I am that picky!
2. Hot weather...unless there is a beach or a pool involved
3. Creepy Crawlies...bugs, insects, lizards, snakes..bleh!
4. Cotton balls...okay, I know this is an odd one, but have you ever pulled a cotton ball apart...ugh I can't even think of it...it's the worst feeling in the world!
5. Root beer. Once when I was little, I got a root beer Popsicle stuck on my tongue and my dad tried pulling it off instead of melting it..it bled a lot....needless to say it had a major Garcia effect on me!
6. House cleaning....You know..putting away laundry, cleaning the kitchen, scrubbing the bathroom...yuck!
7. Death and sickness
8. Constantly cleaning up dog hair
9. Driving! It gives me crazy anxiety! Man if someone could just drive me around all the time it would make me so much happier!
10. Not having enough hours in the day...EVER!

10 Loves:

1. My family and friends

2. Crafting and party planning. Oh and there is nothing better than a new pack of crayons!
3. Dance. Specifically ballet!
4. My puppy girl Stella

5. Holidays! Christmas and Halloween are my faves!
6. Pajamas and a warm blanket, reading with my girl!

7. A good cup of coffee
8. CARBS! Pasta, bread, dessert! Mmm! Rigatoni, freshly baked bread and cookies...now I am drooling!
9. Taking trips, I especially love California!

10.Pictures and memories


  1. YES to carbs! They are my kryptonite, but I love them so!

  2. Seafood *fist bump* New crayons.... I thought it was just me :).

    Loved your list!

  3. I'm with you on the bugs and the heat this week!! We just tried to go swim, but there were SO MANY PEOPLE in the pool! Better luck tomorrow! I love coloring and crafts! You really need to take the littles to the free toddler classes at the DMA! Leah (who teaches them) is fantastic!! You will love her!! (I'm with you on ballet 100%!)

  4. oh well that popsicle experience sounds like the worst ever...
    funny about the cotton balls. That doesn't bother me, but you know if people touch that fabric on the inner roof of the car...omg I hate that. I get shivers all over just thinking about it.
    Carbs man carbs =)


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