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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Who, What, When, Where Why Wednesday with Courtney

It's Wednesday again friends, and you know what that means! Another edition of Who, What, When, Where Why Wednesday! Today Courtney is here from From Here to Eternity:

Who Are you:
Hi e'rrrrrr'ybody (as my 2 year old would say, ha ha!) I'm Courtney and I blog at From Here to Eternity. I've been married to Eric for over 7 years and we have our sweet daughter Mia (who is basically our whole world) and a baby boy on the way!

What do you blog about, When did you start, Why do you blog?
I started my blog a few years ago to document my life with Eric- all of our adventures, the good, the bad, the ugly... but it's pretty much turned into Mia's journal :) I just really love documenting everything I can because so much changes on the daily!

Where do you live?
We have been living in Arizona for almost 6 months now! Utah will always feel like home, but the Phoenix Valley has been really good to us so far!

What are you most excited about for baby boy?
Goodness, I don't know how to share one thing that I'm most excited about with baby boy on the way? I'm definitely thrilled to experience a mother/son relationship, I can't wait for the newborn snuggles (and the smell- there's nothing better than the smell of a newborn!) but I think I'm most excited to be giving Mia a sibling. She has been so in tune with this pregnancy that I have high hopes that she will adore baby brother once he arrives and love being a big sister!

What's a hidden talent you have?
I don't think I have any hidden talents? It may surprise some to hear that I am pretty musical (but I can't sing... no siree, that is not my talent!) Unfortunately I haven't had the time for it (or made the time for it) especially since becoming a mom. But I look forward to the day that we buy a home and finally get a piano, I will definitely make it a point to start playing every day again!

What's the last movie you saw?
Eric and I just went to the movie theater to watch The Avengers last month which is a big deal for us! We LOVE going to the movies now that they are such a rare occasion! We miss having access to family for babysitting more often ;)

What dessert can you never get enough of? 
I'm pretty sure I could never get enough of dessert in general, ha ha! But I suppose ice cream would be first on that list! Speaking of... I've REALLY been craving a brownie batter blizzard (with heath chunks) for the last week. I think I'm going to cave and indulge this week!

Who's your style icon?
This might seem really sad but I don't really have a style icon. The saddest part is that I don't have much style myself and I'm too intimidated to dive into that world to even find an icon for myself, ha ha!

I think you are pretty stylish Courtney! Thanks for answering my questions!
<3 Kelly 

PS. Let me know if you are interested in being a guest on a WWWWW Wednesday in the future?


  1. It is funny how bligs and social media accounts ate basically our kid's! I think it is awesome you don't have a style icon and just dress how you want and I happen to like your style!

  2. I love Courtney's blog - she has the sweetest little family and the best pictures of Mia!! I'm impressed by your piano skills... and I... definitely can't sing either. ;)

  3. Thank you, thank you for having me!! I adore you and Hallie!!


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