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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Who, What, When, Where, Why Wednesday with Kelley

Good morning and happy Wednesday my lovely friends! I have such a treat for you today! Today's guest is Kelley from Love Like Crazy.  I just love Kelley's blog and her updates on adorable Olivia, AKA Hallie's kindred spirit! 

1.     Who?- Who are you? My name is Kelley. I love Target. My bank account hates it. I always win.

2.  What?- What do you Blog about? I blog about my husband, who cannot for the life of him tell the difference between a cucumber and a zucchini, my blonde haired blue eyed baby girl, who toured 10 breweries before her first birthday, and our sweet rescue dog Koda who no longer gets any attention. I don't have my life together at all, and I'm happy to tell you all about it.

3.When?- When did you start blogging? I had to check my blog - I started exactly 3 years ago, almost to the week. (Happy Bloggerversary Kelley!)

4. Where? Where do you live? We live in Charlotte, NC. Right near Emily Maynard. Who actually moved recently. I'd like to think it had nothing to do with that blog post.

5.  Why?- Why did you decide to blog? I love taking pictures, but do nothing with them, and I have a horrible memory. I know there were so many fun times and funny moments in college - and I can't remember half of them. Zemkoff vodka had nothing to do with that. I thought it would be fun to have a transcript of the good memories, I would take more pictures and finally have a place to put them.

I was so lucky that Kelley let me pry further and ask her 5 Random questions:

1. What is your favorite children's book? (Either one you read as a kid or one you love to read to Olivia)
I love reading the Olivia books to Olivia. Clearly they started just because she has the same name. But I think they are pretty funny - so I always enjoy reading those. 

2. Tell us something you love about your husband! 
I love so many things about him. I make fun of him a lot on the blog: like his texting skills and that time when he had mono, but if I had to pick one, I'd say that he is the best dad. He gets her up every morning, feeds her breakfast, and takes her to daycare, all after I have left for work. I mean sometimes I pick her up and she isn't wearing pants (that was only once) but he is so hands on with her and it is the sweetest thing. 

3. What is your favorite thing to do with Miss Olivia? Now that it is summer, the pool. She's a little fish. She thinks she's a fish. She jumps in the water. Arms out. Legs out. Underwater. Eyes wide open. Giant smile. Looking up at me. And I pull her up out of the water and she claps for herself as I say "good swimming." Clearly, we have a ways to go until she's swimming. But she loves the pool and we always get a good nap after a few hours of being there. 

4. Tell us something surprising about yourself! 
This one is hard. I'm trying to think of something I've never mentioned on the blog. My back is broken. Surprising, when you see some of the antics I'm usually up to. I broke my back in gymnastic when I was little. I always thought it just hurt to do backflips. It wasn't until tennis in highschool when I couldn't walk after matches that I went to the doctor. After the season, of course. Because I knew he'd tell me to stop playing. A lower vertebra is broken completely through and it will never heal. (That still makes no sense to me, but I've been back multiple times and you can clearly see it's still broken). My doctor told me never to play tennis again, never to run, and that I would have to have spinal fusion surgery before my 30th birthday. I joined the swim team to strengthen my core. Played tennis the following season (good thing because we won the state championship) and ran through college. I saw the Panther's back doctor in Charlotte and told him that even though it hurt, if I could workout through the pain, I felt much better than resting - worried that he'd scold me. He believes that keeping the muscles strong around the back can almost cure the pain. Dan and I started doing P90X ab ripper a few times a week - he has 4 herniated disks - and have had 0 back pain since. If it starts acting up, its because we've missed a week with ab ripper. So far, no issues! That was a really long answer - but if I left it with "my back is broken" I thought there would be a lot of questions!

5. Where is your favorite shop to buy clothes?
Baby Gap. Oh for me? I think my entire clothing budget has gone to Olivia's closet. 
(I know that feeling!!!) 
Baby clothes are so much cuter. I'd say most of my clothes are from Banana Republic. I work in the office every day (half day) and can wear a blouse from BR with pants and a blazer, and then also wear that same top with shorts and flip flops on the weekends. 

Thank you so much Kelley for being a part of this series! If anyone is interested in joining, shoot me an email: Kelhof87@gmail.com

Don't forget to check out Kelley's blog! 

<3 Kelly


  1. I love Kelley's blog! Olivia is just the cutest little strawberry blonde.

    1. Love them! I just KNOW Olivia and Hallie would be besties!

    2. You are so sweet! Fun fact, Mason and Olivia are 1 day apart!

  2. Thank you so much for having me Kelly!! Olivia and Hallie would be best friends. But I think Olivia would call Hallie "baby" for at least two more years. Anyone her age or younger is clearly a "baby".

  3. oh I'm a newer of Kelley's followers! fun to see her here. Omg the back broken thing is crazy, glad that keeping those muscles strong helps with the pain.

    1. I love seeing all the antics Aria is up to - and makes me know what to look forward to as Olivia gets older!


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