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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Bucket List Check In

The girls and I have been having a nice and busy Summer! But between their trips, dance lessons, soccer practices, piano lessons and tutoring (my smarties getting ready for their school year early) we have still been able to cross a few things off of our list! 

Unfortunately we chose a fairly windy day, so instead of using the fire pit, my Dad was kind enough to let us use his grill!

But they were still yummy!
Hallie thoroughly enjoyed her first S'mores experience! 
But it left her wanting S'more
Celebrating Cleo's Birthday and Ice Cream Social
 Cleo's parent's went ALL OUT and decorated the lawn for her birthday! So cute!
 And we celebrated by inviting the girl's friends over for an ice cream social!

Movie Theater

We went a few weeks ago to see Max.  I figured Hallie would be good because she loves puppies so much, but she got pretty antsy! We ended up watching 75% of the movie standing in the side aisle.  Oh well. What I saw of it was pretty cute, but I am not sure I can call this Hallie's first movie going experience.

One thing we have done a lot is swim! Oh my it has been so hot here, and the best way to beat the heat is jumping in a cool pool! With 4 weeks of Summer left, I am sure we will get plenty more pool time, as well as checking off some more things from our list!

Hope everyone else is having a great summer and finding some fun ways to beat the heat!
<3 Kelly


  1. Great job girl!! I can't wait for you to knock all of these off your list - tennis will be fun! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. You got her to sit through most of a movie!?! We want to take Mason but are worried he'll disturb the other viewers. I guess we won't know until we try lol. An ice cream social is such a fun idea! We'll definitely have to do that.

    1. I'm not sure if you can count it since we had to stand in the aisle. .. lol but the ice cream social was super fun!

  3. How fun!! You girls have been livin' it up! Smores would be so fun to do with Mia... I saw a recipe circulating facebook for smores dip that sounds super fun to try. Layer a pan with Mini reeces cups then marshmallows, bake in the oven then dip with graham crackers. Yum!

    1. Hallie would love that, she LOVES peanut butter! Not me so much!

  4. Can't go wrong with s'mores at all!!!! Good luck with the rear of your list! Only a few weeks left!

  5. You're crossing some awesome things off! I love the yard decorations! And you can't go wrong with s'mores!

  6. This is a good dent in the list. I love that you used your grill for smores. We did them over the fourth and it was just too hot to have a fire pit going - so we ate and then poured water on the pit. Olivia wont try anything sandwiched. So she just eats the hershey bars :) Such a fun summer so far!

  7. Your doing great! You still have plenty of time to get through your list especially since summer lasts through Labor Day!


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