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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pearl the Mermaid

Being a Summer baby, I was dying to get Hallie a little Mermaid doll! I had seen a bunch advertised and had settled on a precious one from Etsy! The day I finally went to make my purchase (if you know me at all I tend to stew on possible purchases FOREVER before I finally take the plunge and make the purchase) I found that the shop owner had practically doubled her prices! I just couldn't justify this doll purchase. I searched Etsy for days and found several shops with some very cute dolls, but was stunned when I found these precious hand made dolls from Lunnita Studio.

She has so many adorable dolls both in her shop and on her Facebook page! I just couldn't decide! I had been dead set on a mermaid from the beginning though, so eventually I went with this precious Mermaid doll, which we affectionately named Pearl, after Hallie's birthstone! 
Pearl is gorgeously handcrafted and completely flawless! 
She is perfect for play
And is also great to cuddle up with! 

We couldn't be more pleased with our selection!  I am completely blown away with the quality! The customer service of the sweet shop owner is amazing as well.  She is super quick and so easy to work with! Speaking of easy to work with, she also does custom orders! Please make sure to check out all of the beautiful dolls she has crafted on her Facebook page before making your selection on Etsy! There are so many gorgeous dolls to choose from!
We will definitely be back for more dolls!
Happy Shopping!
<3 Kelly


  1. I definitely stew on purchases for a while too and as a result miss lots of opportunity. Loving that mermaid!!! Lily would absolutely adore that!!!! Going to check out her shop now. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Oh that little mermaid is just the sweetest. Marissa means from the sea so she has had her fair share of mermaid stuff as well. Hallie looks so sweet with her doll. Great choice!

  3. So adorable!! I might have to check these out for my niece!

  4. That's so cute - she looks so excited about Pearl!!! The nap pictures are DARLING. I love all the options you were looking at though!!

  5. So cute, she looks like she loves it! Love the sleeping pictures!

  6. Awww... That doll is absolutely adorable!


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