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Monday, July 13, 2015

Our weekend

Good morning and Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a pretty busy weekend! 

Saturday- Hallie and I ran TOO many errands, and then our little family went over to have dinner with Christopher's family at his Dad's house.  

Hallie helped Pop with some computer problems with Puppy's help of course
She also played with her buddy Bach

And she read Aunt Kate some stories
She had a great time!

We went to a backyard picnic to celebrate our buddy Mira's 1st birthday! Hallie and Mira were due 2 days apart, and it has been so much fun watching them both grow up!  
Her Mommy did a FANTASTIC job with all of the decorations and everything, and Hallie of course had a blast! We also loved meeting Mira's big family! That girl is sure surrounded with a lot of love! PS if you haven't checked out their non-profit organization, please do!

After the party, we went to Church as a family, then Mommy enjoyed a dinner out with Joyce! So much fun!

All in all it was a wonderful weekend! 


  1. mmm dinner out! sans kid? the stuff of dreams my friend.

  2. Hallie is adorable! It sounds like you all had a fun busy weekend!

  3. I can't with Hallie. I just can't. Her eyes say so much!! Love the expression of her helping with the computer - it's so cute!!!!! I love that little navy and white dress!

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  5. She was the life of the Party at Pop's! You and Christopher are doing such a great job raising her. She is such a sweetheart and is so much fun to watch!

  6. What a fun weekend and it is awesome that Hallie has so many little buddies close to her age. One of Emily's buddies was due 2 days after her and they were born 2 days apart too!

  7. What a fun little party for Mira. I love that there are so many family members and kids her age - Hallie has so many people to play with. Dinner out, no kids, drinks - that sounds wonderful!!


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