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Monday, July 20, 2015

Our Blank Canvas Weekend

Like I said Friday, our weekend had absolutely no plans! Sure I had to grocery shop and catch up a little on house cleaning, but no birthday parties, no dinner plans, nada! 

So Saturday morning we got up and went to the gym, because apparently I am one of "those people" now! Hallie of course was a perfect angel in the Kids club the first time we went, but made up for it on this second visit. I was in a  Piyo class (1/2 Pilates 1/2 Yoga) and every few minutes I see Christopher walking over to relieve the caretaker...sorry about your non workout honey!

The rest of the day we did a little shopping, ate little lunch with Tia Joyce and then we played and played and played some more!
These toys were given to her by her buddy Brayen from when he was little and she has yet to put them down!
P.S. NOT okay with how grown up she looks here!

I turned on Marley and Me because Hallie is OBSESSED with dogs and she curled right up with Stella to watch it! It was the CUTEST thing ever!

Sunday we spent the WHOLE day practically by the pool! It was awesome! We went to my parent's house and Hallie splashed! Her favorite thing though by far was stealing my nephew's water guns and playing with the pool thermometer! 

 My awesome little sister made me a yummy healthy lunch pool side (which I might have ruined with chips and dip on the way home)

Hallie was super tired and grumpy after the pool so I tried coming up with a way she would sit in her highchair while I made dinner.... 
 My plan consisted of her eating, and throwing the crayons and hugging the characters I gave her to color...at least we know goofy is well loved.. also please excuse the post swimming pre bath hair!

Somehow I was still able to knock out a yummy dinner of chicken in a white wine, mushroom cream sauce and steamed broccoli....which we might have also ruined with ice cream (Don't tell Hallie!) 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy Monday!
<3 Kelly 


  1. It sounds like you guys had a fun relaxing weekend. I do PiYo too! It's the first workout I don't mind getting up early to do lol. Your dinner looks delish...one day I'll be able to cook like that lol.

  2. This class was tough! My muscles are SCREAMING! But I have my second barre class tonight, so I better toughen up! This recipe was SOOO easy! Anyone can do it! I will have to post it! It's super delish!

  3. I'm glad she doesn't really understand movies yet, because that one always makes me cry! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. We had no plans this weekend either nad it was glorious!! A full day at a pool sounds like a perfect day to me!

  5. What a fun weekend! I love plan-free weekends like that!

  6. haha your food ruiners sound very familiar. Have a great salad for dinner and then a huge piece of banana nut bread. Balance right?

  7. This was our first non-planned weekend of the summer! It was definitely much needed! Only wish we would have spent a few minutes by the pool too!

  8. Weekends with no plans are the best sometimes! Glad you had a good one! That dinner looks delicious!

  9. Oh I'm totally one of those people as well ;) I loooooove piyo and miss it so much. My gym here doesn't offer that class (which is shocking because they offer a million classes, our gym is HUGE!) :(
    Sounds like a great weekend full of good food. My fave!

  10. This looks like such a fun weekend. We can't get Olivia to sit still in her highchair either. She'll eat but once she is finished - she wants nothing to do with sitting.

  11. If you have Netflix you should check out some of the Buddies movies. My girls LOVE the talking dog shows.

  12. FINALLY! Someone explained what Piyo is!!!!!!! I'm so jealous of all your pool time - this week has been sweltering!!!!


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