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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Hallie's personality is really starting to form! There are so many cute things she is saying and doing right now that I just never want to forget! She is silly JUST like her Daddy and she is really starting to test the limits!
Like last night at dinner for example when I saw her waving a blueberry over the side of her highchair and I said "Hallie keep it on your tray" and she looked right at me and dropped the darned thing! I said "Oh that's so sad" and she looked down at it and said "Uh-oh". Then as she was drinking her milk before bed. I turned away for a minute and looked back and found that she had squeezed about a fourth of her milk onto the couch! Ah!
So with all of these new funny, cute and yes sometimes sneaky things she was doing, I knew I needed to document them before I forget!
So, here are my favorite current Hallieisms:

  • Hallie has this new laugh where she cups her hand around her face and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen! She has also started to laugh anytime we laugh! It's adorable!
  • This one isn't really that new, but definitely progressing as she gets older...I am a little scared...when she gets mad at something she has to attack it! So like she's riding along on her hippo car and accidentally tumbles off...girl comes back for revenge.  She will start screaming and eating it's face...lately though she'll bump her tooth and then get's even more upset....It started out I'm not sure what to do...
  • She has this face where she crinkles up her nose and pouts her lips! It's pretty hilarious! If you do it to her, she will usually do it back! Cleo and Hallie could go back and forth for hours! 
  • She will tell you "up" when she wants to be picked up.  However now she knows how to get on and off the couch by herself, yet will still exclaim "up" as she is climbing onto the couch.  I guess she is just being polite and letting us know!
  • She does this new thing whenever she is on tile or hardwood floor where she will keep her hands fixed to the ground, but slide her feet or legs around and laugh hysterically.  It's really funny to watch! I will have to try and get a video!
  • One of my favorite things she says is "Silly Silly" or sometimes "Silly Dada" or "Silly Stella" It melts my heart! Especially when conjoined with squeals and giggles!
  • Girl LOVES her animals! Any real animal, stuffed animal or an animal in a book has got to be either kissed or hugged! Oh and she won't leave the house without her puppy or giraffe! 

She is just getting hilarious and I am enjoying watching her personality bloom! 
What are some funny/cute things your kids do or say?


  1. she is so cute! i love that she puts her hand over her mouth when she laughs ;) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. And they just keep getting funnier! And sneakier ha. Those ones where they know they are doing something they shouldn't and look right at you and do it and then laugh. Hard not to just laugh with them in those cases. Such stinkers. Love the lip pucker!

  3. Oh my goodness she is so cute! Those little pouty lips of hers are adorable. Mason does the same thing when he's on a tile floor. The other day the did it from one end of the kitchen to the other. I completely understand the mischievousness they have lol I love your title by the way, its perfect!

    1. Thats funny! Hallie just stays in one place! It cracks us up!

  4. Oh that cupped laugh is just the sweetest. I think the year between 1 & 2 is where I would freeze my kids if I could. I just love that precious year. Soak it all up girl.

  5. Adorable! My daughter is two and she does many of the same things. It's so precious :-)

  6. She is the sweetest thing and such a little comedian. I love that she covers her mouth when she laughs!


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