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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Currently July

Yikes! I have been really slacking on my "Currently Posts", so I thought I would fill you in on what I've been up to around the Mock house! 

Reading: I am in between books right now! I am number 3 in line for "Down the Rabbit Hole" at our local library, so I don't want to pick up anything new until then!

Watching: Summer TV really is the pits... except for PLL of course! Which has me on the edge of my seat each week racking my brain for clues! Ah! I was so bummed that there was no new episode this week! 

Working on: Well I need to be working on some lesson plans for Hallie! As soon as my girls go back to school Hallie and Mommy do too! We really need to start focusing on letter,shapes, colors and numbers!

Looking Forward to: Some time with Christopher! He has been working so hard, and gets some time off this weekend, which should be nice!

Loving: For Mommy: 

Crochet Shorts

For Hallie: 

It does make me a little sad that Hallie is able to fit into the pjs without feet, but the fact that these cute Carter's ones come in ballet prints makes it so much easier to swallow! 

These "Scoop of Mint" Moccasins are just the cutest!

Neither doll I wanted to get Hallie for her birthday worked out.  Sadly one is sold out until Autumn and the other doubled in price just before I decided to place my order! These are 2 just as adorable and both reasonably priced considering! The mermaid can be found here and the girl doll can be found here.    Both shops also do custom orders and have many many more cute options...hence why I have yet to order!!!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!
<3 Kelly 


  1. I am reading Down the Rabbit Hole. Only been reading since Friday and only have 1 chapter left!! ADDICTING!!! And totally mindless, which I LOVE!!!!!!

  2. Just came back to see a new design and I love it! Those shorts are really cute!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Love those Toms!!!! And I am interested in that book by Holly Madison, I used to watch The Girls Next Door all the time so I am curious to what all will be in the book!

  4. Those shorts are super cute. I need to buckle down and actually try a pair on. I always seem to chicken out and pass them up.

    Lesson plans, yay!

  5. I LOVE those shorts! And Carter's PJs are seriously the best - all of them, with and without feet. We mostly put two piece PJs on Mila now that she's potty trained but I can't resist a baby with footed jammies. Enjoy the extra time with your hubby this weekend!

  6. Love those shorts!! Those dolls are adorable!

  7. Those ballerina PJs are adorable!! Love them!!!

  8. LOVE PLL! I'm always a season behind though since I only watch when it comes on Netflix.
    Those dolls are too cute!

    1. Did you finish last season? It's getting crazy!


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