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Monday, June 1, 2015

Football Friday

Friday night, Christopher's Dad treated us to an Arena Football game.  I had never been to arena football, but it was actually super fun, and Hallie really loved it!
She had a blast searching for the Mascot, Alamo and really loved the half time show! 
During half time, they had 2 Australian Shepherds doing tricks and she couldn't take her eyes off of them! It was so cute! 

I couldn't resist stadium popcorn! 

When Alamo got close, she would get SO excited! 

Then we got close to Alamo...she was not having it! 
 Hope everyone had a great weekend! Saturday I had a girls day with my best friend Joyce! Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about what we did!

Happy Monday,


  1. I'm so not much a football fan but love the junkie food and half time shows… Love Miss Hallie's ensemble!

  2. How fun is that! I love football but never watched any arena football. Too funny about the mascot...awesome from far away not so much close up.

  3. So much fun for Hallie! I love stadium popcorn - so much butter. Isn't that funny how they are dying to meet a character, but get so shy when they come up close. I'd imagine if we went to Disney world it would be the same way.


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