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Monday, June 8, 2015

Donut Party

For National Donut Day on Friday. my Mom's group planned a little Donut Party for the kiddos okay let's get real, the donuts were for us, but it was fun to watch the kids play. Plus we got to indulge in Donuts, coffee, milk and chicken minis! 
Ps. Hallie had the perfect outfit for the occasion!

Here's the awesome part! My group is full of the BEST most THOUGHTFUL and most SUPPORTIVE women I know.  Last week was a particularly rough week for me.  On top of getting some pretty unfortunate and unsettling news, I broke my toe. Fun right? 
Here's what my friends did to cheer me up... 
 I still can't get over how wonderful my friends are! 
Hallie and Buddy Luna were cracking me up! They decided to separate themselves from the boys! As the only 2 girls that could make it it's like they were saying "The skirts play in here", and they isolated themselves in Luna's room!
Luna was cracking me up with this phone! 

That phone again! So funny!
Hallie would not stop playing with this doll house! Guess she needs one for her birthday!

Did you celebrate National Donut Day? Tell me How!


  1. What a fun idea! I love Hallie's outfit!!!

  2. A donut party!! That is the CUTEST idea! I need to remember this idea for next year! Your friends really are the sweetest!! Also, Hallie's skirt is perfection!

  3. Looks like a fun time was had by all! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. What sweet friends you have. Hope everything is okay!

  5. How amazing of your friends. I love that Hallie is rocking her doughnut skirt! Hope all is ok my dear!

  6. So fun! Those donuts looked so pretty!!

  7. That donut party sounds amazing, and how nice of your friends!!

  8. Playgroups are the BEST!! Loving how you spent Donut Day!! We baked homemade minis last year to celebrate :)

  9. Oh my goodness what amazing friends you have! I just love Hallies donut skirt too!

  10. Aww are those letter donuts or cookies? I didn't know they had letter donuts if they are donuts. They are beautiful too. So sweet of your friends, sorry about the news and the toe...ugh. Toe injuries give me the creeps. So unpleasant. And I love the donut skirt it was the perfect outfit for the day. Too funny about the girls separating themselves too. oh girls.

  11. I love this! What sweet friends. And where do you even find letter donuts?? I didn't know you broke your toe also! What a rough week! Does your mom's group meet weekly? I wish I had something like this - hard to organize with work though.


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