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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cake Smash

And just like that my little girl is 1.  We had a terrific weekend filled with family, friends, partying and yes, lots of boo hooing from this Momma! We are just starting our week today, because we had friends from Houston in until yesterday and Christopher had the day off. So I am finally putting the house back together and putting Hallie's new toys away and clearing out some old baby toys. (Sniff Sniff)

Today I am sharing Hallie's cake smash photos by my pal Larissa at Purple Moments Photography.  The cake was made by my sweet mother in law and OMG was it not only beautiful, but delicious!

Larissa thought it was so funny that Hallie was the only kid she had done a cake smash session with that actually ate the cake, (That's my girl!) Anyway, we didn't get a whole lot of smiles due to frosting being shoveled in this babes mouth, but they turned out super precious!

Ruffle Romper- Etsy
Gold Crown Headband- Etsy

Hope you enjoyed!
Make sure to keep coming back this week for more about Hallie's first birthday!
<3 Kelly


  1. SO cute! Happy birthday Hallie!

  2. Happy first birthday, miss Hallie!! These are so adorable!

  3. In LOVE with these gorgeous pictures!! Gosh, I remember Mia's cake smash like it was yesterday... and now she's 2.5! Not fair!!

    1. Thank you! It really is unfair how quickly they grow!

  4. Great photos! She looks so cute and like she really enjoyed it!

  5. That cake is almost as cute as Hallie :). She did an amazing job!

  6. Happy birthday sweet girl! I love how the pics turned out, she is gorgeous and I love the cake!

  7. Happy Birthday Little Lady!! Loving that cake!! Your MIL did a great job!!!

  8. What a fun cake smash! It's as big as Hallie! Can't wait to see more pictures! Happy Birthday Hallie!!

    'Tis Our Life Blog

  9. This is the cutest smash cake and I LOVE her crown!

  10. I love these pictures - but my goodness, Hallie has BEAUTIFUL eyes!!! So, so, so, so sweet!!!

  11. That is a beautiful cake! I love all the colors and Hallie's little outfit. OF COURSE she ate the cake! But she ate the back of it, so it was still pretty for pictures!

  12. Aria went face first into her cake. One of my fave memories =) I find it funny when kids want nothing to do with it though. But chowing down is the best! She is just the cutest!


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