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Thursday, June 25, 2015

1st Birthday Royal Affair: The Details

As soon as I found out Hallie was a girl I started planning her
first birthday party! I knew I wanted a Princess Theme, and I knew that I wanted the color scheme to be lavender, rose and gold. I did not imagine how perfectly things would come together, but that day was absolutely perfect (aside from forgetting to pick up the balloons that is...opps!)

Here are all the little details of Hallie's Royal Affair Party
As people arrived, they read Hallie's story as they walked up to the door.

The "One" Banner from Hallie's 1 year photos, courtesy of my sweet friend Whitney 

Through these doors people put their bags, we just dressed it up with leftover butterflies
The dining room where food was placed. Note the flying butterflies
I also made that tassel banner
Party Hats and Favors

My little Sadie made the sign. I'm not sure if you can see her little signature at the bottom right..so cute! 
Dessert Table
Linzer Cookies
Gourmet Popcorn
The Cake

More butterflies leading to the kitchen
Paper straws
The highchair and tutu skirt
I brought Hallie's photo books 

And placed 1 year photos out for people to sign
This is the most detailed chalkboard I have ever done and it tells all about Hallie
Hallie's Godmother made this sweet banner for her
12 months of Hallie frame and the invitation
One of our favorite dollies
And of course all the food

 And last but not least...the outfit

<3 Kelly


  1. The cake! The decorations!!!! I love it all.

    I may have pondered first birthday themes already as well lol. I have a problem!

  2. So cute! You did a great job with everything!

  3. Perfect! Sadie's sign is adorable and I love the cake and all the decorations! The purple butterflies are my fave decoration, good job!

  4. aww it is perfect! Love the photo books, the colors, the signs on the way in, and the crown shaped sammies! So cute. I bet she just loved her special day.

  5. Aaaahhh!!! I love the little signs leading up to the door. You did such a fantastic job Kelly. I can't believe she is one :).

  6. So adorable!!! You did great, momma! I so wish I could've been there. I know she had a blast though :)

  7. What a fun party! I love planning kids birthday parties!

  8. I love all of the details - even down to the crown shaped sandwiches! The party favors were adorable! And that cake is so pretty!! I love the signs down the driveway as well. Seems like it was such a fun party - and I love all of the details.


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