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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Who, What, When, Where, Why Wednesday with Jamie Pruitt

I know I know, no weekend update yesterday! It was a busier day than I expected! I PROMISE an update on my birthday weekend tomorrow, but today I have a real treat for you!

Today "Who, What, When, Where, Why Wednesday" is back with Jamie Pruitt from The Jamie's + 1.

I just LOVE the meaning behind Jamie's blog name and her little boy is just the cutest! Read on to learn a little about Jamie, and make sure to stop over to her blog today to get to know her a little better! 

Here's what I know about Jamie and her blog: 


Who?- Who are you? Tell my readers a bit about yourself-
Hi Friends!!  My name is Jamie.  I am married to Jamie (yes we are both named Jamie).  I am a working mommy to a sweet little boy named Nicklas.  Nicklas is 2 year old and gives me a run for my money every single day!  I am a lover of reality TV, trashy gossip magazines and breakfast food!!  You will normally find me on the floor in our playroom playing with monster trucks or in the kitchen!

What?- What do you blog about?-
My blog is about Nicklas.  I write about the struggles of being a working mommy and dealing with a very independent toddler.  I also try to post some of my favorite products and recipes.  I hope that I can help other blog friends and I always ask my blog friends for help when Nicklas is being the devil!

When?- When did you start blogging?- 
I started blogging when Nicklas was about 8 months old.  I actually tried to start when I found out I was expecting but yah... that didn't happen!  

Where?- Where do you live?- 
I am a Mississippi girl who now lives in South Carolina.  I moved to SC when I was 20, my dad got transferred to SC for work and I was so not ready to be 10 hours from my parents!

Why?- Why did you decide to blog?
I decided to blog because I wanted to have a virtual baby book for Nicklas.  I print out my blog each year and I hope Nicklas likes to read it when he is a little older.  I now find blogging very therapeutic and I love all the mommy blogger friends I have made along the way!

Jamie also answered a few fun random questions for me so that you get to know her better! 

1. What food could you never get sick of?
Olive Gardens Lasagna.  I could seriously eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack somewhere during the day too!!  Well... I guess I know whats for dinner tonight!

2.  What is something you never leave the house without?
I could never leave home without my cell phone.  I have totally irrational fears about earthquakes, floods, etc. and I won't be with Nicklas when all these crazy things happen.  Not sure why I think my cell phone will still work when all those things are happening.  

3. What celebrity do you wish was your bestie?
I wish Ellen DeGeneres was my best friend.  OMG!!  We could have dance parties and play Heads Up!!

4.What is your favorite book?
My favorite book is Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult.  I love all of her books actually.  Some are pretty intense but she is great!

5. Tell us something surprising about yourself.
Hmm... This questions is hard.  Something surprising about myself... my husband, boy Jamie, actually didn't remember my name when we first met!  And yes... I still married him!! 
Thank you so much Jamie for answering my questions! If you want to learn more about Jamie, make sure to stop by her blog! 

Happy Wednesday!
<3 Kelly


  1. Thanks for having me Kelly!! I had so much fun!

  2. Ellen would make the best BFF ever. I must agree with her on that one for sure!


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