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Friday, May 15, 2015

Oh hey, Friday Announcement!

It's fabulous Friday again! Is it just me or did this week DRAG?  This weekend we are going to another wedding! One of Christopher's good friends is getting married.  We actually have a wedding the next 2 weekends, so most of Sunday will be spent relaxing!

Well  friends since it's Friday, and Fridays should be filled with excitement,  I have an announcement! Not only is this blog about to get a gorgeous new makeover, but also I am about to start a feature called "Who, What, Where, Why Wednesday" where my favorite bloggers will be stopping by each Wednesday and dishing a little bit about themselves! I would love to have anyone and everyone participate, so if you are interested in joining along, please email me at Kelhof87@gmail.com.  I am proud to announce that I already have the next 6 weeks lined up with some great bloggers!
Okay, the part you have all been waiting for, pictures of that cute little one!

1. Hallie loves her Sadie Girl
2. I am convinced she know's that she is cute! 
3. Her new favorite thing is sharing with Stella (Yes we are still playing with Easter eggs!)
4. She also loves hugging! Just not me! This is her new favorite toy!
5. Her favorite place to hang out!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Don't forget to shoot me an email if you are interested in Who, What, When, Where, Why Wednesday! And stay tuned for the blog makeover!
<3 Kelly


  1. Oh awesome! I can't wait to see the updated blog! Blog makeovers are so fun :)

    I'll do a guest post sometime!

  2. I JUST put away our Easter decor two days ago. Naturally I forgot one strand of bunny butts. I even finally took down the snowflakes I overlooked at Christmas! I'm very on top of these things.
    Fun on the blog makeover!

  3. She totally knows she is SO cute. I just love that photo.

    Can't wait to do a guest post for you in June!


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