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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hallie's Birthday Wishlist

My baby is 11 months today! I can't believe it and I wish it wasn't true, but just like that she only has 31 days left of being a baby before becoming a toddler! Cue the blubbering and pass the tissues!

Anyway, I promise an update on her next week, but for now, I thought I would share her birthday wishlist since many friends and family members were already asking what she wanted! Errr...I wanted for her...

1. A growth Chart- I really want to get or make a growth chart for Miss Hallie to match her room and with her name at the top.  I think it would be a perfect memory for this momma that has a hard time watching her baby grow up!

2. PJs and clothes for summer- Right now Hallie is wearing 6 month PJs, 3-6 Month Clothes (Rompers 3 month, Tshirts/pants 6 month, dresses 6 month)

3. A Bitsy Mermaid.  I thought it would be super cute since she is a Summer baby.  I really wanted to get her this doll, but they are sold out until Fall! Super bummer! I guess that one will be a Christmas gift!

4. Books, Books, and more books....and maybe another bookshelf to hold them all! lol This kid for real LOVES to read! She can sit FOREVER and flip through pages pointing at the pictures! Especially if there are animals in it! Then she will excitedly scream "PUPPY" at each lamb, cow, and chicken, etc! We have a whole Amazon Wish List of books!

5. Baby Sign Flash Cards- Hallie is starting to get REALLY good at baby signing.  I would love to teach her more, but I am running out of signs that I know!

6. Baby Laptop- This might be the only real toy we are asking for aside from the doll because our house is being overrun by toys.  However, this one would be great because she tries to touch my laptop all the time. I figure MAYBE if she has her own, we can "blog together".

7.  Cream and Gold Moccs- I almost got them in the sale yesterday, but her size was sold out! Boo! So hopefully they will be restocked before her birthday, because they will go perfectly with her birthday outfit!

Hope that helps family and friends!
Happy Thursday!
<3 Kelly


  1. I can't believe she's almost one! It's so not fair how quickly the time flies!
    YES to the baby lap top! Mia actually doesn't have one (I don't know why we still haven't got one for her) but she always takes control of one the second she sees one at friends or family's homes! Hallie would love it!

    1. Its so sad how fast!!! Thanks! I think she will too!!!

  2. Mila got a toy laptop for Christmas and she LOVES it! Great choice! Those mermaids are the cutest!

  3. Love those growth charts. Id love one for Aria but never got around to it. Making or buying. I figure I have all the measurements I could just put them on it if we do ever get around to getting it!
    And all the books. I love when Aria gets books. She loooves books. We just got a stack of 16 or so from the library. And we go every two weeks or so for a new one.

  4. I so wish I had bought a growth chart!! We have the exact same laptop and love it!!

  5. those mermaid dolls are so cute. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. What a sweet list!

    I agree with Sarita I wish I had made a growth chart SO much. DO IT SOON!!!!

  7. We have the gold and cream moccs! Awesome choice! They are too cute!!

  8. I love those heirloom mocs!! Olivia has that laptop and loves it. She still likes moms better. But she will pull hers out and 'work' on it with her cell phone - like how I take conference calls. I wish we had done more signs with Olivia - that has been so helpful when she doesn't know the word.


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