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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rainy Day

Yesterday was a very rainy day! Hallie and I were lucky because it was also a no work day for us, so we stayed in our sweats/pjs all day long!
We played and Hallie enjoyed looking out the window when the storm got really loud! (Luckily she wasn't scared like the dog. Stella jumped in bed with me after one giant clap of thunder and didn't move until I got up for the day)

We also enjoyed a picnic lunch of Turkey and cheese! Hallie thought it was the greatest thing ever to not to eat in her highchair, and I wasn't worried about the mess because I was due to vacuum anyway!

It was a nice simple day. I wish more days were like that!

Happy Tuesday
<3 Kelly


  1. Sometimes rainy days are good for the soul!!! And I love a good picnic! ;)

  2. Nothing better than pjs all day! Hallie is such a doll – looks like a fun day! I’ve got a Stella too :)

  3. I love nothing more then those simple stay in your pjs and not do much days! :) Sounds perfect!

    1. Thank you! It was a great day! Hallie and I both needed a nothing day!

  4. Those days are the best.... if you don't have to many! We have been plagued with them lately. Glad you were able to enjoy the day from home.

  5. What a fun and comfy day. Does Hallie get stir crazy on rainy days? Olivia loves outside more than anything and I need some ideas for keeping her entertained inside!


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