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Friday, April 3, 2015

Oh hey Friday! Pics from the week!

Oh hey Friday! Nice to see you! I don't think I have ever needed a Friday so bad in my life! This week between work, and Hallie's growing adventurous side I'm beat! Luckily I have this Friday off, so I can relax a bit before our busy weekend!

Tonight we are going to my bosses annual Crawfish boil! We couldn't be more excited, because this will be Hallie's first one ever!

Tomorrow we will be going to Christopher's family's Easter celebration, so Hallie will get to play with her cousins! (We will be missing our buddy Bowen's 1st birthday party! So Bo, we will miss you, but we hope you have a wonderful time!)

Easter Sunday we are going to brunch with my parents and sisters and then Hallie and her cousin Matthew will have an egg hunt and we'll dye Easter eggs! We'll go to Church in the evening!

Anyway we hope everyone had a good week! On to our "Pics from the week"

1. Hallie mostly emptied out her toy box and learned she could climb in...she didn't think of an exit strategy unfortunately

2. Sporting her Juicy outfit! Hallie loves to wave and does it at anyone and anything ALL DAY LONG! :)

3. I have a little fashionista on my hands! 

4. New outfit from her Memi!

5. I took this one from my phone, but I just had to capture this face! This is a Daddy face for SURE!

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  1. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Sounds like it's going to be fun!!

  2. Sounds like you have a weekend full of fun planned. Have a great time!

    I just love those little sunglasses too!

  3. Omg I love my little baby friend! So sweet. Sadly I won't be meeting you and mom and dad and Kate for brunch sunday. I couldn't get off work. But sending some easter loves!

  4. Her shades are so cute!! I wish Olivia would keep them on!


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