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Thursday, April 30, 2015


My little Sadie girl at work found a Caterpillar after a rain storm on Monday.  Or "Calapitter" if you ask her! Being Sadie she of course decided to keep it as a pet and emptied out an old fish tank, gathered some leaves! 
(Curse, I only had my phone with me!) Here she is showing it to Hallie

After a little research we found out that "Calapitter" was an "Eastern Tent Caterpillar"  and will become a moth. She was a little bummed that it wouldn't become a pretty butterfly, but kept it anyway excited to see it's transformation!
Already by Tuesday, that little guy had already made himself a cocoon, which made her even more excited to watch it turn into a moth!
Proud "Calapitter Momma!" 
Hopefully soon I'll have some updated pictures of Sadie's little moth friend!
Happy Thursday! <3 Kelly



  1. Is it totally crazy that I had no idea that catepillar's turned to moth's? I thought they only turned to butterflies!

    1. No I didn't realize it either;) and moths totally scare the crap out of me--they are creepy but I love butterflies lol!

    2. Lol no! Who cares about moths! Lol

  2. How fun would that be to watch! Can't wait to see more pictures:)

  3. How cute =) I don't think I'd let Aria bring in a calapitter though. Esp if it would be a moth, creepy!

  4. Aww! Sadie has gotten so big!! I love that she's not scared of insects and bugs :) I love that kids call them calapitters. super cute!


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