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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Questions I find myself asking my 9 month old

This kid! She always has me on my toes...always! Here is a list of question's I have been asking Hallie lately:

1. How were you totally fine a second ago, yet throwing a giant tantrum about NOTHING right now!?  I am fairly lucky that this only happens about once a week, but seriously! The littlest things will set her changing her diaper or if I stand up in the living room! 

2. How did you get egg on your butt? You can replace the food with just about anything...somehow whatever this kid is eating ends up in her diaper..I'm not sure how!

3. Why do we buy you toys when you seem to like my hairbrush, paper, boxes and plastic bottles more?  We seriously have so many neglected toys because Hallie would much rather play with random household items or try to find an escape route out of our living room where we have penned her in..I guess whatever keeps her busy, right?!

4. I just mopped the floor didn't I? No I couldn't have, look at it! But I distinctly remember mopping it! I did, didn't I? Oh Lord this is practically a daily question! My floors are always trashed a minute after I mop them! Self feeding is important, but boy is it messy! Between her and the dog, I can't keep up! Also if you come over, please know that I do just never looks like it!

5. Did you just lick me?! Yes, Hallie has a new fun game of licking mommy...I'm not sure why, but she thinks it's hilarious! 

6. What are you doing?! This can also be followed up with "Where are you going?" This is the busiest craziest kid you will ever meet! I mean it! 

7. What's in your mouth? I was so hoping to have one of those kids that would find little things on the carpet and hand them to me instead of putting them in her mouth...I got the opposite! EVERYTHING goes in this kids mouth! She will find the smallest little fuzz or crumb that didn't get picked up by the vacuum and put it in her mouth! Also the dog's hair...yeah, gross! 

8. Aren't you sleepy? When Daddy works late, I let Hallie stay up past bed time to see him...but then we get to this point where she is delirious/crazy/loud/so sleepy she doesn't know what to do with herself...and true story, she can outlast me! 
  9. Did I just put your yogurt in my coffee? Yes my friends! I did! I have been that tired! I meant to scoop some into a bowl for Hallie and scooped it into my mug instead....greeeeat! 

This little girl keeps me busy and makes me exhausted, but I wouldn't have it any other way! 
<3 Kelly 


  1. BAHAHAH!!! Love it!! My favorite is when I ask a question and wait for an answer!! haha!!

  2. And naturally when you scoop that yogurt into your coffee you know you really needed that coffee! And yeah Aria puts everything in her mouth. I thought that she was getting better, and I feel like she is back to it again. I would really just love this mouth thing to stop. I hate it so much. I'm constantly telling her to not put sticks in her mouth, no don't lick that rock, for the love of God don't lick the dogs back. Kids are gross.


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