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Monday, March 23, 2015

Must Have Monday 6-9 months

Something crazy happened over the weekend y'all....
This crazy wild baby....turned 9 months old! I just cannot believe it! It's totally not okay with me! 
We go for our 9 month check up tomorrow, so I will make sure and post an update Wednesday, but for now I thought I would share some of the products we couldn't live without these past 3 months!

These have been so great, especially in the last month, as Hallie has been exploring this whole trying to walk thing! They are the perfect shoe because she can feel the ground with their soft soles! I would seriously buy every pair if I could! 

These last few months have sadly been filled with stuffy noses and coughs due to the cold weather and I am not sure I would have survived them without this baby. The top part of the crane spins 360 degrees, so I can point it to her crib while she's sleeping or at the floor while we are playing. Seriously get one! It's amazing! 
These have been great since we transitioned out of sleep sacks and swaddling to sleep.  These blankets are so thin I don't have to worry about Hallie suffocating in her crib and it makes her feel cozier and safer to have a little blanket in her crib with her. (I know, I know they say you shouldn't until a year, but she can seriously breathe through this thing and never puts it near her head!) 
PS I need to go pick up this pack! They didn't make purple ones when we had Hallie!!! 

This thing is seriously a life savor! We have been able to block off both our brick fireplace and our entertainment center from Hallie, and pen her into our living room to play! Sure, our living room doesn't look it's best, but everyone who comes over knows we have a kid and the best part...we don't have to worry about Hallie getting hurt! 

Hallie has always been a great sleeper, but these last few months brought a little anxiety in that department! This soothing Sounds Giraffe has been a great help! Hallie is very calmed by the heartbeat setting! 

Hope these products are helpful to some of you! 
Happy Monday!
<3 Kelly


  1. Love that humidifier! We couldn't live without ours! :)

  2. That first picture is just precious - she is such a happy baby!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. These all look like awesome products! We don't have kids but these are great to keep in mind for baby shower gifts! :) LOVE those moccasins, precious!


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