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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

9 months of Hallie Anne

My teeny peanut, the one who was born at 4 lb 15 oz. The itty bitty thing that wore her preemie clothes for 6 weeks. Yeah... she's 9 months....crazy! 

  • Age- 9 months! (No! If I close my eyes and hum, will it go away?)
  • Weight-  14 lb 1 oz, and guess what people!? WE ARE ON THE WEIGHT CHARTS! FInally!!! Hallelujah! (No pun intended, if you read my guest post on Our Pretty Little Girls, you know that's what Hallie's name means!) 
  • Length- 27 in! Taking after her daddy! Also her head was in the 40th % 
  • Size- Size 1 and 2 Diapers! We use 2's at night. Onesies- 3 month or 3-6 Months Ts! We are starting our transition into 6 month clothes.  Pants- the waist on the 3-6 month are too big, but the length on the 3's are too small...LIMBO!  PJs 6 month
  • Eyes- Still blue! Some days they look a little gray, but outside they look really blue! 
  • Hair- Getting longer and lighter each month! Right now it's light brown. 
  • Sleeping- Usually 10-12 hours. About 2 naps a day.
  • Eating- 24 oz a day. And anything else she can get her hands on! She wants EVERYTHING mommy eats! Loves yogurt, pasta, bread, rice, chicken, veggies, avocado, turkey, berries and puffs! Daddy has also given her fish and beef, which Mommy doesn't eat, but she liked it! 
  • Milestones- Crawling and pulling up on EVERYTHING! Clapping! Waving! She can even walk holding on. Getting pretty close to doing it on her own  Loves singing and dancing. Still no teeth! 
  • Words she can say: Hi, Hey, Mama, Dada, Bye Bye and "Ey-ya"- Which means "Stella" because she will shout it at the dog! Or any dog for that matter!
  •  Memorable outings- Playgroup, Fort Worth, Visiting Auntie Callie and the boys
  • Favorite toys/activities- Peek-a-boo! She actually learned to do it herself! She will hide her face in the couch until we say "where's Hallie?" then she pops her head up! It's the cutest thing you've ever seen! Prayer Bunny which we call Luna bunny. Still loves her turtle which we have named Dewy, Taggie elephant and princess dolly.  Also: Puppets, especially Kermit! She loves books! A girl after my own heart! We read before bed every night! She got a Children's Bible for her Baptism, and we always do that before bed with a prayer. Also loves the rhymes we do at story time! Particularly (Tick Tock,Horse named Ron and Patty Cake!) Loves to play with Stella.  DANCING! She loves to shake it! Especially with Daddy! She also really enjoys listening to music. Clapping and Waving! WALKING with help! Seriously it makes her sooo happy! Loves dressing up! Beads and shoes! She is SUCH a social butterfly and loves to play with her friends! 
  • Nicknames- I call her sweet pea, peanut, peanut butter, sweet girl or Hal...Daddy likes to call her Daniel son when I put headbands on her...but other than that sticks to a generic sweetie or cutie!
  • Funny moments- When I am eating, she like to open her mouth and get close to mine...I guess she thinks I am going to "baby bird" her the food...lol not happening! Peek-a-boo! 
  • Looking forward to- Easter and  Cherishing the rest of this first year! Love my baby girl!


  1. It's not even fair how quickly time flies once they are born! This 9 months went way faster than your pregnancy, I bet ;) Sweet Hallie, such a perfect angel baby!

    1. You are so so right! Thank you! She is pretty perfect to us!

  2. Hallie is such a happy baby - and so cute! And I love the chalkboard you made! It's crazy how time flies. My little one is going to be 20 months tomorrow!

    I noticed you mentioned that her eyes are still blue (like you're waiting for them to change... you sound like I did!). Do you have brown eyes? My husband and I both have brown eyes, but the blue-gray eyes have stuck with my daughter. I'm amazed - I thought for sure she'd end up with brown eyes!

  3. Love the board! Happy 9 months! I love all the nicknames. I called Aria all sorts of nicknames when she was smaller, one being turtle which is where I got the blog name, but the only one that stuck is bubba. Chris is baffled by my choice ha.

  4. She will for sure be walking by 10 months! And such a good sleeper and eater!

  5. Happy 9 months Hallie!! Love her bedding set and rug. super cute!

    1. Oh thank you! I fell in love with this bedding before I found out we were having a girl! I was so excited to hear she was a girl!

  6. Aaahhh Happy 9 months Hallie!

    YAY for being on the charts she is doing so awesome!!!


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