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Friday, February 13, 2015

Oh hey Friday!

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Hello all and Happy Friday!!! I hope you all have some wonderful Valentine plans! Hallie and I will be celebrating Valentines Day and Daddy's birthday with family! Christopher's birthday is on Fat Tuesday next week! Hallie and I have some awesome surprises ready for Daddy and we have some sweet surprises ready for Miss Hallie!

Yesterday we had Hallie's play group Valentine Party and it was so much fun! All the babies were too cute and the Mommies went ABOVE and BEYOND to make sure the babies and Mommies had a great time!

(Excuse the crappy cell pictures) Hallie Made special Valentines for her buddies:
I brought my delicious Cookies which I think everyone liked.
and Hallie had so so much fun with her friends and made out with all kinds of Valentine loot!

On to my 5 favorite pictures this week:

Seriously this kid is getting too big! Happy Weekend everyone!!


  1. Dang! She did score a ton of loot! Lol! Happy valentines day, Kelly and Hallie!

  2. Those Valentine's are so cute, and the cookies look very yummy. :) We have the same tunnel!

  3. hoooray for lots of celebrations :) i love hallie's little heart dress! xo jillian

  4. hahaha her Valentine swag is bigger than she is!!! And, you can't go wrong with bubbles =) Happy Valentine Weekend! Yay!

  5. Wow look at that Valentine's haul! Nice! Looks like a wonderful time! Have a great weekend!

  6. I love all the cute ideas that people are doing for non-candy treats!

  7. That dress is SO cute! I am still drooling over those cookies too :).

  8. I love the 'blow me away' tags! Adorable!! And her little heart dress. Hope you had a good valentines day!

  9. Okay, bubbles is a GENIUS Valentine idea! Kids of all ages loooooove bubbles! Smart momma! Can't wait for your weekend recap!


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