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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Leverage + Giveaway Entry

Today's post is titled "Leverage" because it is dedicated to all of the things my daughter uses as leverage to pull herself up to standing.  Time to baby proof much?
It used to be that whoever the closest person was became leverage for her to use to pull herself up to stand, and now she will use just about anything!
Her Kick and Play Piano,  I saw it as a fun toy, Hallie saw it as motivation.  
Her crib, yes both inside and outside has been come a fun tool to use as leverage to stand...time to drop it!
Probably her favorite item in our house. Not only can she pull up on this, but she can walk around it.
Even toys as low to the ground as our Elephant here are used to bear weight!
Here I thought I was being smart. Put her in the basket with toys so that I could fold laundry without her unfolding it along the way....until she figured out she could stand up in it!
Doors and walls!
Our Bumbo is now used as a walker that she can push around the house...which I have also seen her to with a box of diapers!

Boy are we in trouble!!!
When did your little ones start walking?  I can feel it...we don't have much longer!

Now I bet you're wondering about our Giveway! I am blown away with how many are entering! Today to enter, go back to the Original Post and tell me your very favorite thing about Freshly Picked! I'll go first: "The amazing people who work for the company!" If you haven't tried FP yet, tell me what you are most excited for! Can't wait to see what you all have to say! Don't forget, tomorrow is your last day to enter!
<3 Kelly


  1. aww she is so cute!! looks like she will be running around in no time! xo jillian

  2. Haha, yeah it looks like you will have to baby proof pretty quick! She is so resourceful! :)

  3. So cute! Watch out momma, looks like you'll be chasing Hallie around soon!

  4. oh my goodness, those outfits are precious!!!!!!

  5. So cute! My girls were both pretty early Emily was just shy of 10 months and Marissa was just a hair after 10 months. Good luck mama!

  6. Aria didn't start walking until just after a year. End of Jan last year maybe. We even got it on video, talk about random timing! I love that sweater dress, so cute. I loved when Aria started to stand up unassisted and just stand there. She was super motivated to move so I figured she'd be an early walker, but no. She figured out how to crawl and stand and pull up and all that jazz, and then was like k I'm good. aww walking, such a good milestone. I remember going into her room I think after her nap and there she was just standing up hanging on to the edge of the crib, yup time to put that sucker lower. I miss the higher setting, so much easier on my back to put her in higher. K...magnetic cabinet locks - magical.

  7. She's so cute - and going to be trouble! Haha. Hallie is a mover and a shaker - she will be walking before you know it, I'm sure!


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