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Monday, February 16, 2015

Hallie's First Valentines Day

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a great Valentine's weekend! We did! Here's what we were up to!

Saturday Morning, Daddy had to work, which actually worked out because there was a lot of prepping still left to do for his birthday party! 
I got up at 5 to finish the heart cookies and Hallie joined me around 7:30.  She ate her breakfast!
 After Breakfast, we got ourselves ready and went to deliver Valentines to my parents!

                                     (Cleo and Sadie's Valentines from the Day before)
                                             Valentine's for my parent's house

Then we opened Valentines with my parents

Hallie and Cousin Matt

 After spending the morning with my parent's we went home to finish Daddy's cake. Memi came over to play (kicking myself for not getting a picture of Hallie and Memi playing!! It was too cute!
Then we brought over some more Valentines to family! We then went over to Christopher's Dad's for his birthday party.
Hallie gave Memi her Valentine 
Since Daddy was at work when Hallie got up we exchanged Valentines when he got there!
Daddy's Valentines

Hallie's Valentines (I had to settle for Wizard of Oz because Romeo and Juliet was sold out) 
Hallie and Uncle Adam 
Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

It was such a fun day!
What did you do? 


  1. Aww too cute! Looks like a wonderful Valentine's! Love her outfit and the plates you made with her footprints, too adorable!

  2. Love all her little outfits! Sounds like a perfect 1st Vday!

  3. aww she is so cute! i love the hearts outfit! xo jillian

  4. That wizard of oz book looks really cute! I haven't seen that one in stores yet!

  5. Sounds like a great, busy day. Hallie is so sweet. She seems like such a happy little lady.

  6. Happy Valentine's! Happy Birthday to him! Happy Anniversary too! I love your heart cookies. I looove babylit books. I want them all. We don't have romeo and juliet or wizard of oz yet. Aria loves em too. But we do have that you are my cupcake book, Aria now pretends to eat everything off the pages.

  7. oh my gosh!! what a cutie! can't believe how darling that little girlie is!

  8. I love her sweet valentines! And that love plate! And her heart dress! I also love how she got books for valentines day. Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend!


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