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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

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Good morning everyone, sorry for my tardiness...we are all sort of down for the count here this's been a little bit crazy! Sinus Infections, allergies, sleep separation anxiety, car troubles..almost putting the babies yogurt in my coffee...yep that's been my week! 
Aside from the troubles here is what we have been up to lately!

Reading: I have been meaning to pick up a book, but this month has been a little nutty and Hallie and I have missed out last couple story times! Any suggestions readers? (Not a sci-fi fan though...) 

Watching: Big Bang Theory and Pretty Little Liars! I am looking forward to trying out the new "Odd Couple"- anyone else excited for this? I just LOVE Matthew Perry!

Working on: Finishing up the Valentines! And prepping for the husband's birthday! I have all of Hallie's playgroup friends Valentines done, but I still have to do my homemade valentines for friends and family! Especially my 2 buddies whose birthday's fall around/on the holiday! I also am planning on making my Linzer cookies tonight! Oh and I need to get Christopher a birthday gift and bake his favorite chocolate cake!!!!
Last Year's Homemade Valentines!
Looking Forward to: Feeling better, car being back to normal and for things to quiet down! Also excited for Hallie's Play Group Valentine party tomorrow! 

Loving: That my baby girl said "Momma" this morning! She can also say "Hi" and "Hey"...on those bad nights we had recently where the sleep anxiety was at it's worst and Momma was feeling extra icky, we let her sleep with us...and for a whole hour she would tap us and say..."Hi! Hey!" I love that she is learning...I just wish she would pick a better hour! lol


  1. I feel your pain.... We are all fighting colds at my house too! I even BOUGHT Valentines for Nicks school friends instead of being pintrestie.... thats how over it I am! ha! Hope things get back to normal at your home soon!!

  2. Hope your week gets better! I want to watch the new Odd Couple too, I hope it's good!

  3. aww those valentines are so cute! i hope you feel better! xo jillian

  4. I can't wait for mama! Beau does a lot of hi and heys too!

  5. Love Matthew Perry too!

    Those Valentines are super cute, good job mama!

  6. She is so cute! I can't believe how old she is getting. And that she already has new words!


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