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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Radio Silence and Crickets, Happy New Year!

Please excuse the radio silence and crickets! We were sooo sooo busy celebrating the holidays with our loved ones that I decided to put blogging on the back burner! But now with the New Year started (HAPPY 2015, by the way!!!) I am ready to get back on track! A lot has happened, so between my next few posts I will catch you up on Christmas, New Years and Hallie turning 6 months old (How did that happen!!!?) 

For now I will start with New Years! 
We celebrated saying goodbye to the best year of our lives in a baby friendly way! Chinese food, netflix, and noise makers! Hallie and I fell asleep well before the ball dropped in NYC! 

PJs Gymboree

Daddy woke us up about 11:45 with champagne glasses ready! We rang in the new year and then all went to bed! I know, so exciting! 

But I do have a few resolutions:

1.) Lose the rest of my baby weight before summer! I am not going to be a one piece bathing suit Mom, I am going to rock my old bikinis this Summer! So here we go...I am writing it down, so it has to happen. Bloggerworld, please hold me accountable! The workout routine starts next week, and I have a lot of toning and at least 10 lbs to lose!

2.) Try harder to keep the house clean and orderly..this one is hard! Hallie and I are on the go so much and at night I am soooo exhausted that I just let it go! Mainly there is always a pile of laundry at the foot of our bed that never gets folded! My goal is to try and tackle one room a day and at least always have the living room and kitchen clean before bed each night....we'll see how that one goes!

3.) Be a happier and more positive me. 

So as I said...please help keep me accountable friends and fellow bloggers! 

I hope everyone had a safe and fun NYE and I hope that you all enjoy a relaxing and fun New Years Day! I am making a big pot of my Black Eyed Pea Soup to celebrate on this chilly day in Big D! 

<3 Kelly 


  1. Aww! So cute! I'm surprised I stayed up till 2 am!! Happy New Year! Can't wait to see y'all soon!

    1. Oh you are so much better than us! We were wiped out!

  2. Happy new year! I need to begin my clean eating again too!

    1. Happy new year! Lol I'm not sure I can clean eat, haha! But I'm at least going to counteract my love for pasta with some crunches!

  3. Love your resolutions! And Ms. Hallie playing with those blowers! Glad you got to take some time off to enjoy the holidays! And glad you are back!


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