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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lesson Plan week 1

Happy Wednesday! One other goal I had for the new year is to start weekly lesson plans with Hallie.  Not a structured lesson plan really, just learning through play.  Each week we will be focusing on a Letter, a color, a number and a shape. 

This week we are learning about:
Color: Blue
Number: 1
Shape: Circle
Letter: A

These are some of the materials we are using:
It has been really great so far! She really enjoys looking at circles.  Generally I let her run her finger around it and repeat: Circle! It is amazing how many colors, shapes, letters and numbers you can find in your child's every day toys when you begin looking! Or around the house anyway! 
Yesterday we went on a "Circle Hunt" before bed, and pointed out items in our house that were circular! We also always point out the Big "A" in her name on her wall above her changing table each time we change diapers!
I am not quite sure how much of this she is actually obtaining, but I have always heard that baby's are little sponges, so it's worth a shot...who knows! Maybe I will end up with a baby genius! 
What have other mommies done as far as teaching their babies at home? Would love some ideas!
<3 Kelly


  1. Aahhh so much fun. They are never to young to start :).

    1. Thanks, I've gotten a lot of strange looks!

  2. I think it's wonderful that you are educating your baby at this young age. I constantly talk to my 5 month old throughout the day and let her know what i'm doing, but I need to talk more about numbers, letters, etc…Something i'll start doing tomorrow :)

    1. Oh thank you! Like I said, I don't know if it even matters! Though she does get really excited finding circles and letter A with me!

  3. This is so fun and something we could totally do with Olivia. She doesn't know her shapes, colors, numbers or letters yet.

    1. I think Olivia would probably pick it up a lot more quickly than Hallie too! She is definitely at a more observant age!


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