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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day in the Life January 2015

This particular day was a Wednesday.

I wake up at 6:45 (15 minutes before my alarm) because Christopher is leaving for work.
I go to the kitchen, make my coffee and prep Hallie's bottle for when she wakes up.  Then I drink my coffee and answer emails and blog catch up on some favorite blogs.

7:05, I hear Hallie calling to me from the monitor so I pick her up from her crib and we go to my room for a bottle and some snuggles. Hallie loves to pet Stella while she drinks her bottle.

At 7:25 we head to the kitchen.  I feed Stella, give Hallie some puffs, reheat my coffee and start unloading the dishwasher, all this while we have a dance party to some of our favorite Disney Tunes! Then I feed Hallie some yogurt!

Around 7:45, we go to Hallie's room so that I can get her ready for the day.  Then she has a bounce in her exersaucer while I take a quick  Super quick shower!.
By 8:10, I am out of the shower. I reheat my coffee....again...and pack up the diaper bag for the day.  I also make sure to pack up our Library books, because today is library day. I let the dog in and finish my coffee. Around 8:30 Hallie comes with me to the bedroom. While I dry my hair and get ready she plays with her favorite hairbrush!
We are ready to hit the road by 8:55.
Hallie naps in the car and I hit a bunch of traffic, but we make it to the Library by 9:15.  Since we are there later than usual, I return our books, skip the adult fiction and grab some new books for Hallie.
By 9:30 our Friends arrive and we have a blast at Story Time with Michael and Jude.  We do rhymes, learn some baby signs, read a book and play with Toys and Bubbles.  Story time is over at 10.  Hallie and I check out her books and then we decide to go to the park with Jude and his Mom Melinda.

We play at the park for about an hour and hit the road around 11:20.  I stop on the way home for a Taco at Taco Bueno (don't!)
Hallie is ready for a nap when we get home around 11:45, which is good because I can eat my quick lunch and do a clean sweep of the house.  When I am done with that, I catch up on some Gilmore Girls, share some puppy snuggles and make my afternoon pick me up cup of Joe.  Around 12:45 I set up a little learning station for when Hallie wakes up.  This week we are focusing on: Number 4, Letter D, Color Green, and Shape-Square.
Hallie is up by 1:00 and we play and do some learning. She plays with Stella for a while.

Around 1:20 it's time for a bottle, and then some more playing before we have to get ready for work. I build block towers for Hallie to knock down.  Then we go to Hallie's room. While she plays I change her sheets and put away laundry.  
At 2:00 we get everything ready for work, and we are out the door by 2:20.  I am in the line at the girl's school by 2:40.  Sadie hops in the car around 3:05. Cleo stays after to try out for Talent Show. When we get home, we clean up after the Puppy, Molly and put her in the kitchen while we do homework. Hallie hangs out on the other side of the gate, but both Molly and Hallie try desperately to reach each other.  
(Now here comes the Taxi part of the show, hence no pictures!)
Cleo and her buddy Abbey call for us to pick them up around 3:35.  We head to the school, pick them up and are back home by 3:45 for Cleo to change for dance.  We are out the door again by 4:05.  We quickly drop Abbey off at her house and head to Cleo's dance school.  We drop her off by 4:30 and with the help of Sadie, Hallie has a bottle in the car.  
By 4:45. we are home (their house) again. Sadie finishes homework quickly and then gets everything ready for soccer practice, so that she can play with Hallie! Did I mention Sadie is Hallie's favorite person ever?

We Drop Sadie off at soccer by 5:50 and then head home, our home!  
Home by 6:10 The first thing I do is get my sweats on (again, no judgement!) I pick my PLL shirt because we always watch it on Wednesdays! I pour myself a glass of wine. Christopher gets home and orders pizza for everyone! Then he makes Hallie laugh while I feed her carrots for dinner!
By 6:40 it's time for a bath.  
Around 7, we play and watch part of American Idol while we wait on my girls! (Usually it's a huge group of us, but tonight only my sister Katie and her bestie Amanda make it!) 
They arrive around 7:20 and we eat some Pizza!
At 7:30 it is book, prayer and bottle time for Hallie.  While she has her bottle, we start Pretty Little Liars.  
 At 8:00 it's time for last minute snuggles and then into bed for one final prayer! Hallie loves her prayer bunny from bestie Luna!
We finish Pretty Little Liars and the girls leave by 9.  Then Christopher and I finish American Idol and head to bed around 10:00
And that's my day! 


  1. Wow! Get it girl!! Love the PLL shirt.... btw WHO THE HECK IS A?!?! Anyway love catching up on your blog! :)

  2. Great day happy to see hallie and the prayer bunny!

  3. This reminds me I need to do another post like this sometime! Love it!

  4. Whew! I am so tired just reading this post. I really should put together one of these posts some day myself. I bet it is a lot of work!

  5. I so want to come hang out with you! I love, LOVE, love your coffee mug. Where did you get it?

    1. Then dallas must be calling your name! My sister got it from etsy for me as a Christmas gift!

  6. Ahh, to have a play date at the park in January! I can't wait to play at the park again, especially since Annabelle will really be able to climb and slide.

  7. I'll swap you! Poor hallie will never experience snow

  8. Wow - that is a busy day! I didn't realize you played taxi mom in the evenings :). Hallie is just so precious and seems like such a happy baby along for the ride!


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